Gloved Whedon – Oli Johns

Cemetery the town
try in vain to recreate ice-cream moment

Some revivification spell
my legs are cable

Pursue nun with man-made medical books

3 eps of She-Ra, say you did 5

Give head like a cartoon camper
in one sock
in slacks
on the dotted line
in age-appropriate camisole

On page six is an accurate vagina

Free time?

Watch daddy daughter plus church friend porn
read the comments

we’re all Lorre-shaped

craft and self and

According to an old magazine in the prison library
it’s not that bad

One pube, a welcome mat
Two, a plea

Voyager’s okay but
girl with the ridges, where’s she now?

Creased face, intellect a risk
talk about Sulla
make no allusions to the depth of things

rotate 140

get her back to House X and over the katiskot board, make coffee at the same time, drink coffee, pour coffee on her thighs, birds-eye cam, straight tunnel shot, edit out the gut when she’s about to

Stop stop stop stopstopstosotopstopstoopstostop
this ain’t me
it’s the red book, the red room, the red squirrel, the red head in the Cimmerian goth pad, the ones who scheme to split me, the Crowley mob, the

Tippi Hedren
Judi Dench
Helen Mirren
Yuh-Jung Youn
elegant and on top
plus Caché mute in the background

But with Hero, it was very important to me that she was leaning forward more than the other Heros I’ve seen

Re-try Latin

Find 15 basic phrases in Norwegian, go to Gravlax

Exaggerate then underplay

Didn’t know this but
Ibsen also wrote women better than women do

Stressed out, glib, pretty, she’s me with a muff
You see?

A lot of us would have followed her straight into battle and taken that hill, but she turned us away.

been cruising past retirement homes cos that’s what my lawyer says
what I say too

No more on-campus coffee stops
No more Leo wigs

Write something personal. Aloof

New script:
Petite blonde
accuses Hamlet of tearing something inside her
walks home the swampy way

Not a defence but
spit on the tongue, they’re ready

all men think it
even auditors

No no no no no no no no no
what I meant to say was flunk

Lay low

Lose constructed self in little Tibet, Woodside
avoid the robes

Resuscitate Boreanaz


That’s hurt and betrayal and jealousy, and I think that’s very modern. I don’t think he’s thinking about her hymen.

Write. Something. Patronising.

Call back the old crew, pay them in krona

Hide Trachtenberg under layers of viscose
quote Wilde if she gets bored

Beautiful revelations of power are often written by the guy who got kicked around and didn’t have any power.

When I was 20
I had abs

In metaphysical terms
it’s a body and another body and possibly a Mexican

Doesn’t have tits
here I am
explaining what I suspect is Gramsci’s concept of hegemony

Tradition, baby.
bitch if she’s got a head on her

In some primal cultures
Eliza would’ve been considered old
Mangy even

I am feminism
with the brakes cut

So in your corner
increasing angularity
replacing your regular masseuse
hawking Roseanne
solely watching Penny Marshall films

There’s a lot of inarticulate emotion that I articulate pretty well when I’m in the guise of a teenage girl

Write what?

About who?

Seven long years I toiled on the cog farm
Slayee and shiny
You hit me with an axe
Get away from my daughter
Put a bell on his neck
Name-dropped Aquinas
Made up better version of Mandarin
invented fingering
Smiled graciously at the ‘meet you at the studio instead’ line
and now I’m the perv?


Kiwi farms is the place for me, ja ja ja

Brunette, coy and dead-looking
Bring I.D.