God Recalibrates via the Manifest Image – SG Phillips

The angels set the instrument to measure
the precise and total mood of every individual,

and then class and categorize
all our plans at that moment,
infer every entelechy,

then triage:
so the largest number flourishes
with the least amount of tragedy.

It’s a thing everyone will look at once,
Or want to. 
Everyone’s planning around everyone else’s plans to take a look.
So, just for a second,
we all behave as though we believe.

At that instant
They press a big red button, and:
Freed from anarchy.
Fated redundantly.

So all the propositions
whipping towards us
were frozen in the past tense,
and are the only ones we get to have.

Since there’s an audit trail 
which justifies any lack of adherence 
to previously established protocol,
indefinite paid vacation was approved for all.

That’s why God routed the moon
to eclipse the sun on August 21, 2017.