Gold Tooth in a Knuckle Sandwich – Alex Osman

Look at this motherfucker
Looking like a cocaine dealer on Starsky & Hutch
Looking like a hitman on the Love Boat
Looking like he pistol whipped Mr. Drummond and asked for $10M dollars and a toothpick
Looking like he’s on his way to get his dick sucked on Gilligan’s Island
Looking like he sucker punched ALF and shipped his ass off to Coney Island in an Amazon box
Looking like he’d wave a golden 9mm in a leprechaun’s face
Looking like he eats Corn Flakes with no added sugar
Looking like he wipes his ass with Fonzi’s leather jacket
Looking like his wife runs a laundromat that’s a front for a money laundering scheme
Looking like he smokes crack rocks with Tattoo on Fantasy Island
Looking like he’ll one day be shot dead on a yacht named the S.S. Punky Brewster