Grinning From the Gutter – Keko Prijatelj

Best Before

I’m alive!
I’m alone!
I forgot
Death is waiting
It’s not waiting, it’s accompanying
I see it in my glass when I’m thirsty
And in brownish visual it dresses
A message from fate
A threat
You can’t come along, but you can clatter
You can dangle
A milked tit
Tortured by access to medication

Deep in the Dark Night

Just a body
Living its cycles
Squeezing thoughts out as demons
A red cloth idiots call hope

Throw her in the oubliette
Go fuck a majorette

It All Started with that Excellent Copy

We will remember our time
As being able to take all the punches
And call each other’s names in an ecstasy of pain

I saw grapes sunbathing on a slope
I saw hair drying on a wind
I saw what ever you want me to have seen

Everything is limited
Except grief

This was for focus, the rest is for the public

And you could walk through the vivid images
Of punching back
Calling them by their surname
There are no specifics in expressing frustration virtually
No empathy towards bleakness
Of dying online

Your humour may comprise of several layers
Of memes & gifs, Russian literature
Skating, Woody Allen, Bardem’s grandfather, original Ronaldo
Shaved organs and unshaved truths
Of marketing and ad codes and ad blocks

It’s that simple – you want to take that bus
To the city centre; but you can’t run for it painlessly

Society – as important as it could have ever been
Wants to give you a medal for your pain
The medal is made in China
And you think of Sari Gelin, because it’s Asian
But more importantly because it’s on your YouTube playlist
Today loves babble
Rabble loves today
There’s no king! Tarkovsky died, Blake went to heaven
Plato was enslaved
Instagram fisherman doesn’t have to wash his hands
His fish are all pictures
Instagram fireman will be attacked by that hater
Whose profile wasn’t loved
Although it was true, while no true fisherman

We want something to grow without our effort
The balance just hurts

A long piss came to the rescue

Dying Nuance of Aristocracy

If you take an odd word
And put it in a strange syntagm
You’re a peasant that just got rich
Went to the local inn
And showcased your golds
With all the pubs now online
The guests clapped you the prince of the world


Go away
Strange insect
The Sun’s hitting

After the rain bora
And the Moon becomes one big orb
Illuminated as a model
In session
Time to wank
Time not to come
A sharp stare into the distance

Geese in the Fog

To wank is not to hope
To come is to gossip the boss
Everyone fell
Someone left resting, some refused to continue, the rest have stood on their knees
Those who stood up, who helped them
We certainly didn’t, nor did anyone help us
Not to be drowned
We smoke the surplus of life into steam