groesbeck – jesse s.

Red light becomes podium, but too late. There are no more words in the English language —
Not to, from

                  Not core, root

                                                     Not road.

Red light becomes green.

Red light becomes swollen tongue. Cut it out of mouth. Hang it around neck.
Cruelty replaces language, but we are only cruel to ourselves.

This is the long drive. The longest drive. A single mile on forgotten road. A single mountain in the
distance. Rearview mirror, check. Swerve. Watch cliffside pass by in hell.

The road becomes sickness. Obliteration. Tongue around neck cries out. Language tries to transmute in your stomach.

But too late.

Language which is cruelty becomes mass. Mass becomes lump in throat, choking. This is what killed Rome. Destruction is a single mile road.