Hereditary Sulfur Dioxide – Alex Osman

Eight sisters in turquoise t-shirts
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Hair like Farrah Fawcett
Eyes like Paul Newman
Their aunt Cindy has no arms
She clapped with her feet at their high school graduation ceremony
They graduated top of their class
She once told them it is their God-given right
To pedal stolen bicycles into the ravine
Crash cars in the middle of the night
Burglarize their neighbors when they’re away
Laugh at deaf adulterers through kitchen windows
Throw rocks at street lamp light bulbs
Crush a dead bird under old sneakers
Feign terminal illness for income
Rob a man blind with a 5 pound dumbbell
Fuck troublemakers in dead trees
Die in crooked sunglasses and
Come back as amphibians with amphetamine addictions