here’s the future of currency: you’re gonna get fucked in ways you can’t fathom – Barbara Genova

take this woman we’re looking to purchase as a marker
name’s courtney marr, an actor, didn’t read one solitary paper she signed, ever
she’s currently being double-sued for breach of contract and creating a hostile work environment despite the fact she had plausible reasons to believe she was gonna be scalped on camera around chapter eight of some made in romania expanded universe
movies i.e. the longest con
financial ruin body slamming her in a bord de lac hotel means our girl has a purple ankle monitor on and she can’t move past the ground floor
stares off the balcony should she jump yes but she can’t, shame, stares at the beamed ceiling, begs the vending machine on her knees in the hall for a pack of marlboro blues, any loose change
you’re welcome to leave the minute you get that coin, miss marr
in switzerland we pay our bills on time

one of us did run out of cash in the same hotel detaining miss marr, different time line
that’s why we know the terrain like it’s the lyrics to the passenger
mother lapse was thinking a credit/debit card would hold
two weeks of gas station chai and apples stolen from craft tables
you have to choose between eating and smoking, is it even a question
we could have asked for a wire transfer, we could have swiped a metro pass and chased after an international grid in the red light district, that might have worked,
i am the passenger i stay under glass
and yet hunger was our sentence for being careless
and besides, can you imagine the conversation: guess who’s poor lol

when we were [redacted], we were never right
good thing it never happened then

miss marr will get an offer in three two one
have you heard of remote operations
main switch on the back of your head, second unit on the base of your spine,
let us take it from there, we will make you disappear, for a price