Howl (Unheard) – Sam Machell

for Allen Ginsberg

i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Everything
the ghosts hungry for cleaner air opening their windows by cracks in the chaos of no more night
the starving and wretched tantalus asleep on grease papers dripping chicken fat and sticky fresh balls of coughing concrete
the ones whose cracked lips gag hopeless to the exhaust pipes inhaling dust and vitamins
the bloodshot eyes, strained, blue light flicker kept awake waiting for the bomb to drop
the ripped up open and bleeding humiliated for trying to imagine a preta life
the eager and suckling carbon dioxide magpies drooling for the next bell to ring
the nomadic addicts drifting sensual from expired agreements to fresh prescriptions
the filthy flagellants marching toward billboard sunrise, eyes closed, teeth grit, repenting machines
the uploaded and unbound! flittering consciousnesses like a storm of feathers sea breeze free riding up through the ether or the cloud
the polygonal mutants afraid of their own forms unable to forget what they looked like before
the amnesiacs sleepwalking with arms outstretched crowding Twitter awaiting trumpets
the baptised in fluoride squeaky bleach clean undipped heel babies sucking carcinogenic teats
the voiceless coughing hot and bothered sweating under the collar as the heat is turned up
who weep naked on the flicker of love promised gone, of bird shit swiped through decks of potential disappointment
whose throats are full of guilt and cobwebs
who float through walls and red lights from downtown traffic to motorway blockage and under train tracks locked in middle class frost
who hit and run just to pass the time and never bothered to clean away the blood
who quivering atop the tower drop coins knowing they will hit no skulls
who fuck with their wrists and their glass eyes and their ancient lethargy
who burn great stacks so the air is no more and the smoke rules our lungs while leaves fall upwards in confetti panic
who leak tar and piss at the seams they couldn’t hide behind more darned denim designer dream drags for sale
who pick pubes from the teeth of policy denied orgasm
who drink from the river sludge to forget wet fur in the hot rubber morning
who eat cake like we were told and roll joints from the ashes of our mothers
who dream of murder like its scary or brave remembering adrenaline the estranged cousin of life or excitement or drunken exposure
who wish they could find the heart to be a nihilist or the energy to cum
who like to pretend we didn’t all squirm from the same eternal cunt
who undead plod along travelators toward the water boarding infants first
who drive colonial through uncharted fumes to find service stations queasy in the twilight sewage
who are whipped and mauled and ridden by the horsemen till cataclysmic orgasm
till the thunder breaks the oxen’s back
till the tower splits! semen and rubble cascading on the umbrella mass below cowering from the holy mothworn light
till jumpers take fate by the antlers and ride chariot blazing into constellations
till boredom consumes and we break our strobic bones for pain memory of dances that do not echo
till the saliva soaked fuse is dried out again in the splotching scraper sun shadows sprawling square on the spreadsheet noon
till they crucify our paranoia our cosmic fear our alien nudity spread eagle on the cross bleeding screaming singing jingles
till in wake of terrorist REM we sandy eyed splutter through thoughts of desert birds shot down carrion dangle contrived freedom
till we can’t afford to pay the boatmen but are forced to cross and brave the tide
till they are swept up in the undertow eyes popping mouth agape water rushing in
till the brain releases the last morsel of joy in the moment of drown
till the pits beneath the tracks are full of regretful corpses and spilt ecstasy
till the stone slab earthquake cracks and from the asshole ancient crawl beady worms of guilt and reject
till the foreign hair on your partner’s shoulder is lit by the neon heavenly guillotine drop
till the anger cannot go anywhere anymore!!!!!!!
holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy! holy!!!!!!
holy they are all dead now!
holy god abandoned us!
holy phantom hand of capital move invisible and bring down the hammer
holy world without redemption
holy myth of agency
holy dream forsaken
holy the cosmic lie
holy irony will not save us
holy love is not enough
holy all hope
abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon abandon