Hylomorphic Modalities – Chris Moran

The Shape of the Earth


for I did not know

the pain that comes

from accessing the unknown

or the pain

of my ability to access this realm

the modulation technique

when another piece

of the dark veil is revealed

when it all comes into focus

it will come into focus then

for it was Ptolemy with an armillary sphere

nay, I said it was Autolycus, the geometer

and the shifty Dark City-style interface

that molded dreams

and made our own dreams illegal

for when I read Blake, I did not see

nor hear, nor feel

it was my study of photonics and radionics

that allowed this gift to enter me

it was being shot out of a cannon

to prove the shape of the Earth

that led me to a deeper study

of the planetary dome

the differentials and quadratics

a geodesic quality

that suited my fanciful need

to stand out from the crowd

the dull herd mentality

to detach

wherever I arrive

it was then and only then

that I knew

the shape of the earth




A Self-Actualization


a self-actualization
of the self

for we’re at a point in time
a point in our time
where constant palingenesis
constant recreation
constant renewal
of the self
of identity
of our entire being

gets reconnected

when the false identity being created
fractures, it splinters off

for I had strayed from the golden path
in my appeal to the spacing guild

the navigator’s arch technique
squared the boreal tension

swivel the tone and concretize the color
in a negative sense

a dissolution of identity
in a passive sense

retroactively futile
essence aware
fugue state synthesis

I fabricated through quantum banking
and synthesized the grammar
in a passive sense

in an active sense
I aggregated numbers
that shed realities

in the pseudo-age
in the slow haze

take a step back
and recreate