i am writing auto-fiction hybrid forms. – Bobbi Lurie

“ there’s no help here for you … nothing cares what you do … the experience of whatever you do is completely irrelevant … whatever’s happening – body – chairs – floor – is all spaciousness or emptiness appearing as that so that spaciousness – body spaciousness – floor spaciousness – is all-inclusive so anything you think you’re doing is spaciousness doing that … there’s no distance to it so nothing actually changes or happens whatever you think you’re doing changes nothing – it’s all emptiness appearing as – there’s no need for anything to happen – an experience that arises – the experience of being real on a journey looking for something else real – one – It’s not real – two – It cannot find anything that is real – it will never find what it is looking for – it has a judgment about what arises – a personal judgment – nothing makes any difference – there is only what is – and that doesn’t need to be changed and the experience that it’s not is illusory that when it’s gone it never happened what’s left is spaciousness which is just appearing as this the contraction that hides the spaciousness the problem is you’re asking for something real … ”