I Can Only Cry in the Rain – DJ Pendeja

I can only cry in the rain.
When it’s pouring down my face.
Wind slapping my cheeks.
Water slamming against my skin.

I don’t care if anyone sees.
Not that they could.

The rain obscures any hint of a tear
that wells up from your belly and
catches in your throat
choked down
only to be released out of the
burning corners of your eyes.

The rain cools your hot cheeks.
Soothes your weak eyes.
It pulls your hair damp around
the edges of your face.
Freedom from the
neat tuck behind your ears.

The rain takes any and all
sounds, whimpers, gasps for air
and masks them, quiets them.
The weight of the droplets on your
coat is a comforting hand come
to rest on your shoulder.

I used to think there was
nothing sadder
than crying in the rain
Yet now I can’t cry
without it.