I Love Suffering – Kyle Brown


Universal and bright
For seconds
Then gone
In Nature chilled
Through flaring nostrils
Like it torments:
Now you deal with it



Against the Impossibility of A Unifying Thing


For who and what I desire has unforeseen consequences
Or so I’ve come to learn
Through the labor nestled in sentiments of love
That circulate the mind, which in my case
Is riddled
With mostly cancerous ideas, violent deaths
Plunging my fist into the sobbing vagina of a literary scholar
She asks me why I’m not hard





I haven’t a job in this world
And of my life;
Of that I have nothing to say
In the pagan terror of each morning
“I vow to throw this wretched technology away,”
Or beg my loved ones to consider me dead
Until May,
When the flat gray stones begin to sink
Beneath the many vivid fangs
I will cherish this moment of absolute silence
So perfect and not useless
Like the very empty page
Or the message that says
“Thank God for you”



The Elites


Sordid enemy
I forgive you
Because I believe in goodness
And strive for excellence
I will beg no more
From the first new day of my life
To the ash
Your tall buildings loom
And erect my every desire
So as to comfort me at my death
Assured that all was seen and felt
To some logical end
I do not know



The Cat (2)


Had it not been for you,
I would have died
By some stupid means
Or much worse, more humiliatingly
Failed at that total exercise
But your scarred face
Marked a precious gate
And your glorious black coat
Prevented annihilation
When you found me in the garden
And leapt upon my lap
Thou glowing eyes, spoke what purring mouth could not:
“I will teach you violence
I will teach you intimacy
I will teach you the flight of mockingbirds
I will teach you some ancient strains of flower
I will chase from you these vile dreams
I will chase from you a fascistic hate of things
And reveal a suffering more imaginable
Contagious like in drunken tempers
O, those countless men I’ve shown”
And so,
Curled around a scratching claw
I held your paw
And called you home,
Sweet Christ who hangs in morning glow
A prince who could replace me
Or take my kingdom as a whole
From one soft lick
Your jagged tongue
Imparts the impression of a love
So unified but cold