I ONLY SAW YOU AFTERWARDS. – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

i met my beloved at last, her name is October & she has amazing hips. our fling started in my middle school staffroom, we fooled around in a king-size bed and sipped cognac. i didn’t know teachers drank (i mean, like hard liquor–between classes?! what on earth would they be doing there at the end of the day?). we had locked the door but it was finally beginning to give, the noise we must’ve been causing! with much laughter we slipped into our clothes and absconded via the window. i was in such haste that i left my pants behind, including wallet with ID and some small change. oh well, perhaps they’ll mail it back to me.

after a lot of aimless wandering i asked her if she knew any good nightspots, she affirmed she knew a ‘little hole in the wall’ that was like part family restaurant part upscale nightclub. long line. i was worried they wouldn’t let me in, what with my ID gone and all but i was still pretty buzzed from the cognac & the love fever; you know, flushed face, bonhomie, walking on air: bounding hormones. i sat down at a corner table (sans pants), exchanged hurried and uncomfortable greetings with her parents (who nonetheless seemed to approve of me). i ordered a strong drink and nursed it very self-consciously; i hate crowds. after a bit of smalltalk with her father About Myself, she interrupted to add it was late (it was) and she was going to get a ride back with them. i admit i was a little sullen, but i shrugged and said it was fine by me. since we had only just met i insisted she write down her contact information; i was deeply impressed and hungry for repeat experiences with this woman who carried herself so confidently, with that tenderness in her face and those blazing cobalt eyes….. i lay in bed this morning, teasing myself to see if i could remember her last name without getting up to look; i remember it started also with an O–i thought i had it for a second, but then it failed to click. i had the uncanny sensation of being unsure whether i had met October last night or 7 years ago, or whether i had known her all my life. i was in love until the very last second i opened my eyes.