i'm so depresesd – Johnny Scarlotti

my girlfriend is taking a nap 

i look up porn 

n jherk off 

i cum on myself 

then forget about it

and browse the internet 

i check to see if she’s awake


i buy a bunch of stuff with her credit card 

i notice the cum has dried on my chest

and stomach

it’s crusty 

i pick it out of the hairs 

and put it on my desk i crush it up into a powder 

it looks like cheap cocaine haha

i notice she’s in bed watching me do this

oh shit

she says wut the fuck r u doing 

i tell her 

i got us some cocaine baby

she grabs a hundred dollar bill from her purse 

rolls it up 

and snorts a line 

and gives me the bill 

and i snort a line

omg, i am so high, she says, 

this is good shit 

me too, i say 

i am so depressed