in my worn boots – plasticbagger

in my worn boots,
protect me from the sand
through a warm dune
i spot that bony ha-a-and.
reaching for the moon
but welded to this land
scares most away
to me
a sign
to keep on traveling

in my worn boots,
i feel so strong now
in my worn boots,
the leather’s turned rough now
in my worn boots
danger’s present always
in my worn boots,
i keep this pair straight laced.

in my worn boots,
through uncertain paths.
away from family except those on some photographs.
alone in country darkness,
that’s where i saw most clear.
hand on my shoulder,
cold breeze between the ears.
in my worn boots,
i feel i gotta take a stand.
kids are crying.
there’s blood stains on all the flags.
and every anthem has a very hollow ring to it.
rubber soles on gravel, that’s my new theme music.
pebbles in my shoe,
got blisters on my feet now
can’t stop walking so my knees don’t touch the ground.