Indignation – Hestia N/A

Trapped within the dimly lit concrete behemoth the rats scatter and scatter as they attempt to keep themselves secure within their small part of an elaborate incomprehensible maze of paths and side paths intersecting interweaving interconnected and vast. This maze consumes and reforms all those who enter within its great vast maw of alienating bureaucracy and inhumanity. The vagabonds and rogues go about their business and understand the dead giant’s intricacies as they forever breed and die and run all within the slow vortex of the eldritch abomination against nature’s maw. It expands itself self replicating day after day, eon after eon never ending in its everlasting hunger for those still outside of its dead hulking decomposing mass. It and its kin around the globe live in the open but are invisible in their banality. Their utter disdain for nature and its conditions, ever consuming like some blind idiot god. The shamanic prophetic visions of the self destruction of these unholy beasts within the cleansing fire of the doomed world they will create echo out for eternity.