Interrogatories* – Rachel Stone

  1. palm on cheek

  1. notes app draft                 ,

  1. notes app iMessage draft

  1. pearl catch

  1. and clasp

  1. portals

  1. still want to 

  1. meet up?

  1. september

  1. and april and june

  1. sunset, obvious

  1. alto choir

  1. hymn time, baby

  1. Atlantic lip

  1. ’s cold permission

  1. buzzer number

  1. dimmer bulbs

  1. timed to the tune-up

  1. strings readying

  1. dancers at wing

  1. darning arch from inseams

  1. coffee in a mug, if you would like

  1. to stay

  1. hands around

  1. my wrists

*(“In a civil action, an interrogatory is a list of questions one party sends to another as part of the discovery process.”)

Identify each and every [REDACTED] and for such [REDACTED] provide the following information:

  1. the distance  
  2.                    my Crown Heights apartment  to
  3.         my new Crown Heights apartment to
  4. the distance  
  5. the distance from  
  6.     distance from your  
  7. the net number of hours we  
  8.        in February        your hand was bleeding      .    
  9.     I don’t remember why              the distance  
  10.              where you would find me,      looking at my phone.
  11. I walked to
  12.                 where I would find you,  
  13.  in the summer when                       cigarettes in your pocket
  14. your hand was        bleeding and I  
  15.       walked to
  16. the distance from                in winter    but  
  17. the distance from your apartment to      , who you    
  18.       ,    and you are so happy.          when
  19. from my apartment to your         apartment
  20.               so we would chose yours,  burning through the parkway.
  21. I remember everything, and I am    
  22.        buying milk and asters in a paper bag.
  23.                 you bought a new plant for your window.        I remember
  24. the          , when its leaves turned, then fell.
  25. I remember it still: a stalk, still standing.