Interview with Anonymous

Thanks for considering doing this interview for the fledgling rag. In the spirit of incompetence, I searched the internet for about 25 minutes, using keywords like ‘anonymous hacker,’ and came up with nothing I feel confident would steer this interview in a substantive direction. I am a great admirer of your subversive pranking, but am not really a journalist and don’t feel like one; I feel more like a stoned Larry King. Therefore, I invite you to entertain a more spontaneous conceit; letting the following open-ended Orwellian questionnaire sizzle your rorschach and animate your most voluble tendencies to talk your sweet ass off about whatever you like. Answer in as few or many words as you like, ignore the questions, go off on tangents, make shit up, have fun with yourself. Only thing I ask is you RESPECT THE FORMAT and COPY and PASTE the questions with your sweet meet sandwiched in between, template courtesy of creepyfaggot magazine. If this petri dish doesn’t spill over and give me AIDS, this could become an ongoing installment in future issues.

1. What is your present state of mind?
2. Where were you born? 
3. Where do you live now?
4. Where would you like to live?
5. Do you think you’re interesting?
6. How is your love life?
7. What were you like as a child?
8. What did you eat today?
9. Have you ever created culture or art?
10. Do you like drinking alcohol or using drugs?
11. What kind of people do you hate?
12. What are your goals, if you have any?
13. Do you have any depressing stories about your life?
14. Who are your favorite authors?
15. What will you be doing ten years from now?
– the real expatlitj
to Expat Lit
I think you have the wrong person sorry!