Irene – Emilie Lafleur

I lie and I lie and I find my way back to you Irene Although

You don’t want me to come anymore

You said that before And then in the end I was invited to feel

Shame all the length of a carpeted hall anyway

From any cardinal direction I find you Irene I find you so

Recognizable in any climate Tracing my minute fears

By remembering hard whether I was bothered by leaving or if

It was a long long exhalation You have to get out of your car

And swim to it Now I’m praying a shape instead of a sound Irene

Now I’m lying again and ending up here At the end of three flashes

At the back of the head and of my own mouth

Irene you’re lower down And how sweet is your habitation

How sweet to be here How sweet and how busy and idle

It was very much like rolling down a hill

And then ending up somewhere with all new flora

The earth is clean dissolved Irene the earth is moved

And the clutch hand doesn’t know it yet He says so

But he says a lot And in the end I accepted every invitation

To feel shame all the length of the hall

I lie and I lie and I let myself into the fishbowl Irene I got to you

In twelve minutes flat once and I won’t pull that off again