it surrounds me like bubbled star ooze – Ryan Bry

by the windows that lift you in all directions
the sugar trickles out of your life force
like a pyramid eroding in a container
and a car hushes by that couldn’t have been there
except by dreamy heroics
and the ocean that is constantly massaging your back
is satisfied by your tip that rolls like a wet stone
into her
as everyone narrowly avoids disaster
by succumbing to the best momentum in the air
and birds in the sky cover the hole of your birdless womb
like a correction for a life you can’t guess anything about
and the quarters in your pocket
were once played in an arcade across town
where the boy knew he lost at the right moment
but still threw his arms up and cocked his head
as all the lights guarding heaven
shed a little withered compassion on the world