JELLYBEANS & HAND GRENADES – Brooke Nicole Plummer

A cigar— cherry-tipped at the creek,
iced fog creeping around an abdomen of bark,
echoing acoustic vibrations under autumnal skyline,
post-shift luxuries pacifying being amorphous to society.

Preserve me in timeless immensities—

Rukeyser’s cuts spilled into the overturned—
trove of words arching between rural properties & unkempt mattresses—
I stay up too late, chewing out my mind.

Xanax for grounding the sudoriferous—
plum-threaded beanie blanketing the cranium & shoulders strapping a backpack—
Katie Sketch lyricism sung raspily, and dawn lifting into the light pollution.

Preserve me in this—

Of all the wonders, marking “sacred”
only by the length of affect.