Just an Obsolete Observator Masked as a Jester from Yesterday – Keko Prijatelj

Politics online

I hold my left hand
Up to the sky and you
Take a photo
Holding your right hand
Like that looks like
You’re doing a no-no salute
You say
I call you an idiot
You call me a nazi
You get the likes

I get one
From a guy who likes bikes
And is into history
And knows
The president has been abducted by the kabbalah
A marxist surrogate has been placed instead


The whirlpool. The whirlpool of air
Sounds and I hear them
This is just
A memory of a memory and when
I say I believe I believe
In believing them
The moment is of easy times and soft
Muscles blessed by your truth
Your teeth are white
I can
Wait for your balcony speech as
That gives me time
Finding the angle to be the first
Thing on Earth to receive
The Sun through your smile
I stumble upon a coin
From Roman times


Look at the things
Shining in the windows

You set out to steal
Dreaming of shopping

Blonde yet a beggar
A poor boy

You are mad, a murderer!
Whether past or future

Glossy reflection on an opal surface
Eyes tickling with craving

You steal the sidewalk
Smoke all the fag ends

Man approaches and pulls out a hare
Who points at!

The Sun setting into an island
What is beautiful is not stolen

But you wander away from that view
Dust up to your knees

Dusk on your shoulders
You’re set out to kill

Advice to the only one on the bus that strives to be an adventurer

In the glowing light a black stain
A bug cemetery
No instinct to save the newcomers
With humane their instinct is human

Join me in despising them
The plague of tourists flocking our local sun
Have a glass of wine
Our antique not the pink posh French
Vulgar on the tongue one
Admire the insects that are mighty and beautiful
That do not hit the bulb

When you’re about to leave me
To enter the sea
Never say I’m going into the water
Water goes into wine

Show some subtlety
Share my story
My empty gaze on the most beautiful
Ass on the beach

Never go barefooted into the jungle

A wound is a deathbed contemplation
A predator is a priest
So if depression is a virtual wound
And the internet is the wild
Rabble is a predator who chants
Repent and die

Unicorn’s forest

Unicorn’s forest is soaked in fog
It’s not meant for asthmatics

(And panicles dewy)
(And tickling verdure)

I am not asthmatics, except for psychosomatic
Though my uncle, also my great-grandfather had asthma
And I’m a traditionalist

(And panicles dewy)
(And tickling verdure)

Unicorn and I are looking at one another at a decent distance.

The age of capital punishment

Beware the crow
Beware the bow
Beware! the show
Of clichés and cockslimy kitsch

The crow poised on its black
The bow strung over its back
The arrow poisoned

With ads on tutorials
On self-advertising
Every step of the selfie

The crow is ugly but the bow is sadly
Crafted for an arrow too many

The show is fire and the forest is
A pyre

How I loved you, winsome crow
Before your caw
Got filtered into a tweet