Killing Snakes – Cletus Crow



I eat steak quesadillas,
ready for one slimy drunk shit.
If only you knew
the trouble I get up to
when we’re not in bed together.
Sluts fight in the alley,
and my white knight bestie
is stupid enough to break it up.
I’ve done bad things.
I’ve killed snakes because
they looked venomous.
To me, every snake looks venomous.
Shame is often like a deadbeat
dad who fights all night,
storms home angry,
takes it out on his pets.
I’ve hurt people in the past,
and I will hurt people in future
because I’m human,
but I still feel possessed.


Dark Fantasy


I ran away from home
to find the land of the elves.

The only difference is their ears.

I’m miserable.