Kiss Me on the Mouth of the River – David Lohrey

He licks his chops 
like a field hand 

he sinks his teeth 
that’s good he says
licking his chops wood 
and readies the family fire 

the country life is the envy of the rich 
they buy up the land 

one acre at a time to go Christmas shopping
Hurray! The vagina whisperer cries

It’s a new dawn a new day of the dead 
a favorite holiday for shopping looking for Mexican

Borderline insane he was as everyone called Uncle Joe 
the nickname given by FDR 
to his friend with his cockroach mustache 
in Turkey everyone dies the earthquake a mere 9.2 on the Richter scale. 

at Chez Panisse where each and every lettuce is licked clean by a virgin.

He fucked his five-year-old and it is much 
worse than the priests Catholicism at least has nice music 
playing late at night. We called the police the streets at night 
or there is bound 
to be an uptick in crime fiction is my favorite genre, 

what I love is black and white the greatest conflict in American history.
Churchill ordered 

to shoot the miners you say you just love the Prime
Minister and most Americans do 

but my Trotskyite friends hate his guts poured 

out from his abdomen after being shot in the dark 
victory was the name of the film 

And she smokes two cigarettes or takes them between 
and blows it out his ass which is how the makeup artist

from Brooklyn described 

Go fish 

the name of the game while my father was in the CIA
in its time
of glory hallelujah our truth is marching on 
the 3rd day of May 1 please go 

with father on his trip to the pharmacy, please, mother, 
I am hoping he will kiss me
as he kisses you right on the mouth 

of the river where the Mississippi meets
in the Gulf of Mexico.
You can’t expect the catfish to surface when it is raining

in Natchez the 7/11 closes early on just about 
The rebel comes 
she was a descendent.