Kissed – Jane Judith

She began with my legs. Nibbling at my toes seemed innocuous enough that neither of us had to acknowledge what she was doing, but playful enough that it would be clear that we were on the same page, so I was surprised that she seemed to feel legitimately caught when I told her that I understood, and that it was (more than) ok. Maybe she was just putting on an act to be flirtatious. Either way, she quickly regained her composure and continued taking me down her throat. It would take her months just to get done with my legs, trying the carefully measured portions in different ways to see how she most enjoyed me. In the end, my thighs nourished her, and I would no longer have been able to escape if I found myself inclined to, but I hadn’t realized yet how tactical this all was. I still thought her strategy was purely linear, and this seemed confirmed when her mouth proceeded to move up to my genitals. She kissed, sucked, and explored the depths of them, and I came magnificently, expecting it to be the last time, expecting the devouring to begin at any moment, but it never did.

No, the next thing she ate was my liver, explaining between bites that she wouldn’t want any hypothetical poison that entered me not to take me completely, because she didn’t want to share.

Understandably, she immediately seemed desperate to lighten the mood after that, biting through my cheeks melodramatically and giving me a grin I was clearly meant to reciprocate. I did, and would have done so silently in previous relationships, but found myself caring enough to ask why she had chosen my cheeks. I’m not sure if she could tell that she blushed at this, or, if she could, if she realized that this told me all I needed to know, but her answer was more or less trying to convince me that it was just a whim. A pause as we both took in the fact that we had clearly lost the initial, nearly weightless conspiracy between us, then her confirming that it had been transformed into a more substantial version of itself when she asked me what she should eat next.

~ ; * _____

Fairly quickly, we agreed that she should reduce my senses to touch, and she ate my eyes, then ears, then nose, but left my tongue. I became worried that she was holding out for a day when she’d change her mind and ask me to take a turn devouring her instead, but she swore it was just for French kissing, and I made myself believe her. I’ll admit that I seem sexually optimized at this point, and she’s held off on eating any more of me while we explore the implications of this, but I know she’ll finish the job eventually. She loves me too much to leave me as this plaything.