LCD – Danielle Keller

(hear the sucking and
swallowing in your ears)
cutecartooncharacter1234 Sucks
Them Dry. Their Family Cries. They
Weren’t Fast Enough To Let Go Of It.

[Interview with John Romero
interrupted by her love
exalted in the rafters.]
“now, i dont like
to talk about
Commander Keen;
i dont like to
talk about
Commander Keen
but some now say
Commander Keen was
the original indie
platformer game” John
Romero raises his hands
“i dont disagree no i wont
say i disagree
remember everything”
mirroring she does
Baphomet hands mirrored
[The sound of Flannery
O’Connor’s recorded voice.]
problematic Effigy Dream
stuck, all charged
they looked like
two-dee sprites
showing all states
Liquid Crystal Display
(of) cheap handheld game
looking at her (from the
floor) looking up at her
in the dark morning room

porcelain loading dock for
red-eyed insectoid spaceships
landing page like Ark of The Covenant
untouchable pois’nous black box
carried by (wood yoke separator)
(matrices) but she’s elbow- deep
and its bikini’d body
popups wreak mixture
like the side-art marquee
on machines of GALAGA
by Midway (made many
good games. These are
the things wormy blue
eyes see when tended to
not self-sufficient)

frigid and careful she
abhors strangers’ eyes
and hopes to crush y’all’s
skulls’ orbits past y’alls
eye-fuckholes digging into
y’all’s brains with them long
dirty thumbnails of her’s