like watching a movie of other people getting drunk on themselves – Alexandra Naughton

he told me he missed me
then made a deep fake of me
my face on someone else’s body
selling candles in an infomercial
he showed it to his friends
told them to stay away
“she’s a joke.. she’s trouble”

his partner met with me anyway
made a big show of being in the middle
(he wanted something from me, I could tell
I didn’t mind
I liked the attention)
took the three of us to a tepid brunch
forks clinking on stoneware

I left for the restroom
I needed a break
and I stayed there
a beige cell
voluntary and solitary

there’s music and a transition
then the next scene
an outdoor wedding
his partner finds me to talk
“that was uncomfortable” he says
“thought it was just me” I offer a lie
across the field we see him with a small group
practicing archery but just pretending
a bow and a target but no arrows