Lovely April, 2020 – Dom Schwab



You ordered lunch for us

from the diner across the street;

I gave you my card to pay for it.


We sat in your car, eating:

you, two hotdogs with French fries;

me, three chicken tenders w/ French fries.

                  American Fish & Chips… I thought,

                  dunking the steaming-hot food into

                  a tiny tub of gelatinous cheese dip.


Afterward, you leaned in for a kiss

with your lips ketchupped red:

our mouths salt-sizzled & sugar-popped;

our hunger slackened only for sustenance,

                  but never for each other.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020


How sad and plain it has to be

To be a Twink who’s quickly aging,

Now noticing how men will seldom notice him.


April-Showers are a Latter-Month Phenomenon


I agree it may be useless lusting

after strangers’ features anymore,


my love is opal-colored moonlight

which I shine upon handsome men like

the iridescent Moon upon us all;


I’ve been seeing a lot of robins lately,

so where are all my precious Sparrows?