Lying About Accidents – Jesse Prado

I think about it
Like I consider it
Like oh
I didn’t mean to do that
When it’s like yeah
You did
You just regret it
And now you’re trying to take it back
Like lying about accidents that are just impossible to make
That’s just like a hella weird lie

Bc there are some things you can’t do by accident
Like emails
Or rt
Bc they give you so many opportunities to get outta making those mistakes
Like where doing that by accident would come w a lot of loose implications about you
And your sanity maybe
Where even trying to lie about it would yield the same consequences
So you just think about it
Bc that’s really all you can do
But it’s funny to wonder when you can lie
Or what you can lie about period
Like oh
Well I could always lie about that
And say I didn’t mean to email
Or rt
It was an accident
When it’s like no you can’t dude
Bc like you have to physically type someone’s email out in the address space
And Twitter asks you what kinda rt you wanna do before the deed is done
So like you can like something by accident
You can text someone by accident if their thread is close enough to another thread you were trying to get ahold of
But you can’t rt
Or email someone by accident
That’s like as good as trying to say you rt w a comment by accident
Which you might as well if you’re gonna try to lie
So if you’ve perpetrated either of which
And regret it Idk what to tell you
Just good luck I guess
You know
I mean good luck trying to lie about that