Mas Poems – David Estringel


Like will o’ the wisps.
stars dance and fall in black sky
then die in my hands.


Let hungry flames lick.
Devour this flesh that binds
and let me be free.

“Olokun, the Deity of the Ocean Depths”

What stirs in your murk,
crawling upon ocean floors?
O, help me see ME.

“Poetry #2”

From silence souls speak—
words, sounding foreign and strange.
So, listen in tongues.


“Angels in the Morning”


As you lay sleeping,

shadows yawn and stretch o’er me

to kiss your shoulder.


“Gin & Tonic”


Bitter on the lips,

spirits of juniper berries

bless and honey tongues.


“As I Wake”


The alarm clock rings.

You hit snooze, suspending time,

holding me longer.


“Old Filament, Broken Bulb” 


A white bolt from above


through the clouds before our eyes—

an epiphany—

showering cuts upon the kitchen table,

releasing bad blood,

testing our guile

and gristle.