Motion of a Bloom in the Exorcist Deluge – Ryan Bry



Dance a whole canticloon

weave patterns through the school

sieve the solar stars I can’t see

thru a dress impressed by the page

streaks of hair flinging fair

to known what I’ve had done

and smiling ear upon ear to bring

a light to one unscathed.


Holy contention


Breaking almost everything into being

except YHWH, Who Is Being

holy uptake of broken recoil

holy swallow of spit out pills

holy particle of everything that bled

holy belongs to Yah everything apart

holy curse be all once blessed

holy super human doing jackal on the screen

holy nation that somehow remembers God

holy patience that explodes because

holy is the lamb that chews a bite of grass

holy lamb that bleeds dialing his blood above

violent as the lion whose claw is gold as a canary

holy as the swarm of its feathers into a single wingflight

holy are you, made by Yahweh in blessings eternal


The long winter of Raphael Truevo’s eyes


how he always stabbed his chicken

fork first and whispered a smile

like it didn’t matter how many times

that was Raphael Truevo, and it was in his eyes

he could go sailing on a plate of grease

he could mesmerize a pet grey monkey

or the other way around

my friend the antichrist wants credit

for this psalm

but he’s not the antichrist

and because he says so

he’s my friend


I’m going into the wilderness of my thought


with nothing holy but love for YHWH

from a heart needing an instruction manual

and a soul fizzing like the buzz of mountain dew

the wilderness is prepared as well

like and with a table made of salted stone;

at times I am light blinded that pinches

my eyes and the sand

to speed to and away from my face

I am not the man that started this poem

I have more accomplished and think less

of pedestals, and gazes into the wilderness


The music I hear glides over me like river water


Everything you were going thru

rushes like river water over me

cobblestone underneath my back

like 1800s movies river horses

trod around my cool breath,

a stone rumbling with salamander

baby toys out of my mouth