Nostalgia Ultra – Gwen Hilton

There is a Road in Utah


And it doesn’t exist
I listened to Calvin Harris
Kirko Bangz
Have you listened to Drank in My Cup
Feel So Close
You Used to Hold Me 
Sweet Nothing
Surely the girl with hip cancer will
Take my virginity 
There is a road in Utah and it doesn’t exist 
The dry heat 
(It really is nice)
And the resistance of the pavement against 
my feet made me who I am 




Not Good At Sorry


Body Heat 
We looked at so many tits together
The Jimmy Neutron movie 
In theaters 
He fell asleep 
It took me so long to wake him 
It wasn’t that long 
Magic Mike 
He took me 
Because no self respecting mother would take her son to see something about that 
And we both liked it a lot 
We sat front row 
He said he liked watching the women leave the theater 
A double feature 
Lee Daniels’ The Butler
The World’s End 
He talked about living through the 60s 
The 70s
The 80s
Meeting my mom
We didn’t talk about The World’s End
That’s my fault 
I couldn’t talk about sobriety 
I was angry 
Tropic Thunder 
Why the fuck would you wanna laugh at soldiers dying 
Tom Cruise was transformative 
Zero Dark Thirty 
At home 
The classics 
Hunt for Red October 
Body Heat 
Did you know Righteous Kill has Pacino and De Niro again? 
I did and I love you