Nothing Ever [excerpt] – Michael Mc Aloran


…zone vault erasure bloodshed cell shard of expels dead laughter a body broken stone efficacy blind repeater absence burn black sentience of elected to door slams shut in gait of which taken from distance echo of ever stone light burnish hollow oxide stillness were to breach vapours of which to collect in barren lights vertigo of shed pelts yet nothing ever as before where night to caress fallen obscure till of what signature silence ashen expect as to be what nothing of accord of final overture shadow-lock dried essence to peel away from striate of solace ever colours of which once known to fade into an extinct of obscure devour whereof exigent of what haven promise nothing of where recollect strip light it breatheth film to denude a corpse of final judgement what will done overture of nothing ever to collect where bones of certitude lay to rot in outstretch of landscape devoid of detail pulse spent shrapnel echos out from lack of which taken from what given of until strikes a match inglorious to follow exposed but for an instance final traceless of dim record birthed of never once ever flay wind turn of lapse obscure as meat violent reveal cold dice a tumult of frenzy light excise scar tissue breath dislodge colours of which in like what spasm collide opulent night long distance short snap shut abort it turns light insert reclaim utters none recede breath spoken lock unto foreign of dissolve it too bleeds out in it of lack echo night of accord as on it carrieth broke bone pissoir absenteeism shard white lack return unto where breath forsake all sung it know/ it forgotte(n) drag of corpsal wind to taste flay of which corridor waste breath wastage of shouldered the cross of breath hunger avarice collapse into what breathless gnarl extricate headless attrition meld colour of which die down echo repeat it fade of out whereby to unto nothing forage cold dice to flow aptitude for psychosial extent of which driven reflect expel of meat collision repertoire all what said unsaid ever of reflect of white cell bloodshed lapse it till of which repeats it nothing of what matter now it floweth an open sewer of scum division breathless tint of sun to illuminate where pageant frenzy can only never of to which fingers to outreach of to unto void nothing of in ever solace collapse weight forage furtive rescind steps never once colourless abandon breakage point what redress as to burn in black weight is to nocturne carnivale extend carousel music-box of nothing ever terse will winds to caress cataract blood-spill it speaketh laughter of an unsung pulse white light flash surface exposed tension to bite is to bleed of in rag & bone recoil from where passage from naught till obsolete is to beckon fragratory entity solace absence final gone ever of forgotte(n) tidal once less than was before of nothing ever shadow of breathe where tint of closure shadow nothing of where to absence bone warp of pulse bulb ideation to expel catacomb depth ever of to which what forth null & voidal burn black weightless dislocate in foreign laughter of where to of to of to/ 0/ concrete nullity breaketh spill of foreign speech embrace as words die out reclamation no film to pierce reveal of where lense smear across of which strung up bled dry from orificial wounds spectre of final to vibrate in so much of entity whispers of being to collect in gutters of ashen promise final as before whereby to sink into where scum erasure a pit of lapse until where lack breathe shadow collision is to reflect upon where gait absent as before to collage broken light crack frozen upon in sliver sound of claustrophobe where to of in which it out-spill of candelabra night extinguish all known properties as on it transpire lacking as before of what want of which nothing of matter if nor for comes to forth of collect spasm outspoke cold as of what dawn precede as outstretch ever-night to suffocate in blind outreach till obsolete claim upon where distance shatter it this flay from one nor other crack bone suck of marrow taste attrition tint in respoke dead traces to blossom in spoke from which haven to colour it in of which lapse of what will to terse as reclaim echo of once neither perhaps thrice ocular rove in of through which of some to dream of it non-fathom suck upon fragrant ash stretch out neither weight nor of before where flesh appears in dislocate in meat of substance never of to speech lack return of reclamation rotten fruit in gash of glint of where blade subside it to follow onward a listless extol of exigent fragrant nothing ever to return where to chemical utter blind no another as of which to collide with or which spasm crystalline nectar of whereby as if to spell it all out forget forgotte(n) from once which it came…  


…in asphyxiate of terminal edge cold dredge from it commence taste of bitter ashen of broken lights collapse into given tremor forgotten bled from once sensed till foreign trace of shit upon meat no longer forage for in or of inactivity silence as ever as drag hence taken as before from out of reach given to redeem lack lapse of all once saying now none ocular roving colours simulacrum visage trace of distance lack where to have is to dissolve landscape nothing absent breath as all what fallen ever of some nothing once sought finality of excursion as if there ever given to unto as if to never once lapse in thin light scars to cast to flame of which what or other of forever night from which to null & voidal collision into passage from flesh to liquid traces swarm lack to caress taken from what speech dies down it to of which nothing of what better of excursion into lapse longing echo-faint as blood to raw absent shadow cold silence as of butcher’s blade nothing to feel for no nothing there in shades of crimson night forage follow breakage of neither to speak of cast aside as of debris scattered words upon barren earth tones of which that clamour for half-light birthed from breakage point of haven merely an end in sight it cannot be advance where to sculpt of night cuts shadows upon bare fleshed desired of spit of broken laughter to terse nothing of it what claims to behold through shattered glass pane secrets to set to light in voidal incapacitate whereof in lung set to light cancer flowerings gather in denuded eyes till dress what dawn in rags of disappearance claimed from hence it bleeds unto throughout in or of silence tangent nothing of to broke is to stun dark haven night where all is lapse lack of some design long forgotten an outset of long distance throughout where fury pageantry closes its fingers as if to choke noose pilgrimage of scattered petals of frozen blood upon rind of snow long distance absent of presence of  upon confetti of lack upon nothing ever was from outset yet belonging to from commence of it silence in ever of in wishing to be no more than was in silentium of outset forage for dead tides burnt blossoms colourless appeal where once naught is to be in other than what realm soundings upon where to of no morrow absent of till speech dies down nothing of where else is to follow meat gouged out empty skeleton carcass syllabus design as if from having in nor of close of wound wound’s outcry is to be in of what matter foreign sun no matter fingers to reach for as lens fades to erased nothing to then of in throughout where to of is no matter hence all is dead as final black tar to ever know of it in closure of what lung’s desire for cessation all yet nothing for taken of/ of/ upon/ light to rot as of in throughout to trace where to have neither of nor either if shaft closes in mind as all what all that once was soundless echoing in blind space in cataract design where all dies down elixir tidal of motion lack taken from dischase given to electrical
fury a kiss of cold stone artery dressage of fallen sky upon where flail upon flail is to elected to burn blackened as pares away throughout cold solace absent reaching for of some nothing of in void dissolve spills blood of vocal eye never of throughout to reclaim what matter of some wishbone trilogy absent longing for it all done for says of it in or of in final echoing from future tense as tears to brim in eyes that have forgotten hands dead by sides of it to never have ever once neither of some reclaim colourless appeal psychotic winds caress where to fleshed is fleshed merely sickness of to thrash in shattered membrane terror at/ at pitch bleak haven asked of no not a nor of nor else nothing of which to lay claims upon salt in wound of headless attrition another pulse another escapade of bedamned lights in an escapade of shit where only of it to be redeem of solace nocturne closes it hyenic flows freely what hence till known silent as was came it alongside nothing of matter sheen reflect in mirrors of bite eyes to burn of throughout where once was little as before demarcation in silence carved upon reveals some flesh some meat some blood where haven dispel is to nor of in that which cannot nothing where locks in of which where once a colourless apathetic broken as of stone to divide nothing ever for tomorrow ash in veins ever as before till of in else breathed as of sky’s pelt given as was once till taketh away all locked to echo’s dim forgotte(n) seal of eye there another here another in vacuum chamber undefined ever to of nor naught reclamation distance of which till close of hour slashed through given to expire nothing of it of in what else to follow in drench accord close of hour to sever once again it long dead as of ever said once then thrice distant all as nails dug into flesh to grip to vulture tearing as all in weightless flow of eviscerate of nothing where to of closes wound drag of heels throughout as if to in an obscure end of flight what locked to meat long shadow fallen to nor if in out of fury pageant closes burns of ending in an effortless disregard where to strip from lock of eye trace of electric pulse not a till burn what of there is no trace of want for better excursion taken by maggots what they are not nor of which all what gripped throughout a vellum parchment drags alongside where to dense weight lightless abort all sung for some stretch of spe/cial never to be defined as floweth counter-throw taken by non-sight unspoken hours to claim whereof till bitter pips spat out in gait of unrefined stone decree all solace never once breaking from hilt till shattered glass overtures made to unto if at all nothing more never of whereby what of cold light to rot & ultimate disintegration spill of innards a throat slashed ever of to/ not a word not a trace where spoken by is of some corrupt blind effigy whispers in utter null what or if no matter of it till close of wounds for some syllabus reflect given to distance no nothing ever was taken from what given as trace alongside closeth no contract breathless harvest collapsed into as dreamt of less than of through gutter tread whereof till obsolete a scrag of excrement of nothing child’s toys broken as of which as neither remark upon cold shadow of eyes upon through silver haze unto nothing claimed from nothing to reclaim through silent winds terse as blood is stubborn until bloodless final mock of itch stitch of redeem throughout what spectral desire to final weightless sung as of for neither of/ in drag of caress of absenteeism & all that what once never of throughout attrition wastage tidal ablaze as if to echo of it fades out null void & silent gathering of winds to collect ashen footprints observe of eye alone neither of remark given to trace throughout some dense or other fragrance ever of as spells it all out in a mock lung traipse gilded light eviscerated by final listless ever of some nullity factor of breath dim quantify of light that emanate from stitch of wound to burn of it fade of out of view utter utterance of tidal remark neither of whereby unto foreign as of exile breathless devour of entity knocked from ‘sunderstray till vault closed fist a transparency devour of which till nocturnus breath all colours to meld before as of flesh to disappearance nothing less than collision breathe where to of what matter given taken from till dislodge of silenced silenteeism reduct as if to/ cold shadow of tread where no structure to of which redeemed in lack of blood throughout breath emblems nothing as before where to warp of sheen cast before as kicked of shit veritable knock upon all said what longing for never having been yet other of throughout where to motion throughout distance trace eye alone & a bitten of throughout whereby no place for it in or of what matter close of wound to acclaim sung aloft from indescribable lock of stone closure what realm of which where to be is of nil & ever flames of which gathering in the pelt of sky alongside trace of lapse of none spoken haven to destroy as if it kicked up dirt a frenzy a reek of  birthed from out of which ever as before neither of nor passage of amputee of caress through ghost-limb tongue some savage desire for utterance yet cannot in a pageant fury of which all what lapse of which into of given eclipt as echoing to leak from every porous exclamation turning aside or of flies upon bloody waste pass through given fleshed disaster colourless appeal yet rank with silences a gaping mouth a solace of mesh through which bile escapes ever of through which some collapse of/ a skinning pit of never of where to rock some cradle of a graven thought to opiate sleep is in neither of nor breathe eye seeks to settle never as before as fixed of gaze upon where sky is of abortive wound of sun as of/ flies brushed aside no matter as if from ever dissipation of collapse into frozen yet of ever of longing to weep from whispers language of forgotte where to by what else of fade of out listless desire close of nothing ever of where to lock is of to ashore knocked upon where to vertebrae sickness of to dredge frozen wastage of night glorious paralysis of dust fury pageant of marrow ablaze until it final ever extinguish of eye of body vocal edge neither of some lacerate through whispers dead tones collect of blood beneath butcher’s fingernails echoing laughter of some damned reclamation in dim forgotte(n) silenced of in allwhile other than process of reclamation bile to cast upon shit-deliverance of through skin’s absorption little what of in a wastage of unsaid knocked asunder stray breath(en) flux turned to whisper warped womb of white heat sarcophagus of froze white tears ashen promise of all of forgotten ever of what traced before through warmth or otherwise lack lapse given focus of intent upon where to of is to fragrance of elected to this a broke stone tragedy of cards cast no await of dawning into to become of some never having been or otherwise decide it otherwise decision null feeding frenzy of hyenic final laughter as if to mock what tread is of nor other claim or no what from/ why from distance no rooted to given to speech declaration a bloodless night collapsed into of which until tidal opulence of blood come to shores of till dread of which haven lack all shadowing devour colours of which of absence tidal oceanic spillage of breath where to embalm is to nothing ever waste wounds terse where to closure space lack of definition one singular edge to caress a razor silence all at once unsaid to drift whereby cold drift of broken amulets seeketh from as night impenetrable bite down crest to fall upon where to shiv is to breathe spectral as given in shadow timescale of desert clime absent of sky no linger taste of ashen promise where of in now of which flat-lined eyes that seek to utterance collect lime quarry of searing membrane a shattered glass pane of transparency inept as ever once of other than cold weight to lack other of through which dispel seeketh solace drought of echoings traces burnt to dust…as if to/ all but once never favour of adrift skull compre
ss a sequence of riddled flesh meat to tear throughout… cauterize of once cannot neither of in final as seeks semblance to taste nothing of being-in emptily drag of pelt across absent landscape stone clad as burning of where flesh to be is sickness of where to nullity bankrupt veins a/ motion lack of absenteeism where to having birthed once in absentia in reek of blood’s tide calls cards they are spent as rotting orchids adrift in some foreign breeze settling in distance obsolete breathed to un-sky trace of lock-a adrift speechless as of once ever of some shadowing collects in din refusal echo to trace reverberate of skyline sieved by fingers cold dust of voidal exigency of bereft light end till none lapse of throughout a shimmering of halo tread of limb warped colourings bite in darkness overture vault to breathe of effortless to crush in thin lights subtlety of blade to caress in fleshed abandon eye see eye sees once or other a scattering of embers in shit breathless of to burn of it a knock a silhouette silence bleeding out where once was of sustained as of in which till of what of in or less than as nothing of obscure distance no longing for to burn as of blackened meat dissolve spasm tread throughout gild of absent razor slash eviscerate to the hilt of ash an evacuation of piss of shit-stained dusty sheets blood to lack as of some colourization as limbs once foraged die down in listless slaughter mock of stitch of some reclamation taste of desire in haven of where to flesh is to absolve is to breakage subtle cold light as if in which of uttered blank space a point of light to fade as a pupil’s invert inter-spasm of line drawn white chalk through spacial lack of definition a mercury of shimmer bleed dredge of in nor of a gouge of mouth stretched before unknown clad in pelt of nothing ever rind of breath scarred without longing for to settled within of spoken unto where none of being is of else in dreamt of spoken of what shiv to trace throughout where to of abode blackened sun light absence of sky corrected if yes or of breath shredded of purpose other than through as in tint of blood electric carcass eye of genuflect buggered from outset laughter echo-long spattered shit across defunct walls a syringe breath of nails in meat stripped to warped light escape of essence no collision memory amphetamine vibrate of steel cuts to bone of eyes ablaze a solace realm of rupture lights peels away skin of breathless opulence to reveal the pulsate of meat of sarcophagus entwine spits realms from none given to abort where freely of is burn nothing of in that nor otherwise adept of in or of in of call of cards dense meat & absenteeism in a fury pageant locked to the once dead algorithm/ silence all of in as of where to embrace is to shock preference of being in/ marrow discharge of excrement in veins bound tight till collision shadowing what of hyenic as of bled in vibrate thrash of mercury of bloodless silver clasp in specious recollect as words climb to veritable heights neither of reduced to silenced realm of discharge echo echo heave from out of which psychosis film upon membrane of silt of breath of some never recorded utter reflex tide of spilled cull of cum shit blood & piss throughout where to be is fall silent dead shadowing streaks of sky of endless night birthed from fingers made to rust made to burn of it in pale light dim as before it mirror mirror of before in which to view some detract silenced dead as a lie spill of fuck it hands dead foreign kisses tread what will from outset nothing of some ever-was of some restless bite arbitrarily bled slashed wrists of no purpose dead traces furtive to blossom ever as until final rot scars undone in a reckless of what meat what solace burns through black heat vibrate of one or other unknown walls dissipated merely open space of reclamation silenced through silenteeism drags out some kick & shit veritable where to breathe is to spoken of all vagrant desire for…special to be within as speech dies down in a glint/ tint of titanium all colours fed to machination of machine of colourless traces before which some simulacrum presence of no design clear cut wings of breath eye alone it transfers through silenteeism pageant in a foliage of spent blood of distances no longer process as if from drag it hilt in a vicious detriment elected to nothing breathless piss upon an open wound till dredge what closure tongue ripped from a gait of powder-white bone white drag of terse obsidian flower death severance to call out into where echo of to be is never answered of clasp-knife wishbone cut of some breeze to descend upon as if it had never throughout mocking of striation of breathless ripped from a castration of tongue ripped from some banquet of fury unobtained to offer…false solace of breathe of pulse blood fathom collecting of in or of where scum divide a-bask lightless realm of spacious invigorate silver diabolo & a reek of silence in all as of in never ever dense as if to say that collision trace of specious collide where to as of is to final picking scrags of meat from shadow lungs of fingernails bitten down to a wick of final bloody absence…