Now We Can Start a Family – Cassie Vogel

Difficult, yes, to live one’s childhood
inside a closet. Men are stray
damage, the sound
of flesh hastening to
an absence in college. One fills
a dress sleeve with a leg,
a dress wrapped in a garbage bag with
flesh and
damaged men. If it is meant,
wings carry water to
the sound of flesh hastening: pinned to
the sleeve of a rippling fabric
popped for divorce. Something falls
from a ledge and it’s possible to
imagine how a closet
fucks with garbage when it
could have left
for something better.
Men with fading damage might imagine
loving children then to leave or
jump from a ledge.
Having been left by men
one carries a sense of
children with legs for wings
as wrapped in blankets or being
told to drown by
P.E. teachers.
When getting laid one must
love how a position makes them
feel fucked, son fuck a
Fair enough,
Safe from addiction
memory within houses
brackets love, where anything
depleted could be placed inside a co-op and
said to have fading men.