Odds & Ends – Ryan Bry

corporate lifestyle welcome mat


bleating tarnish—skunker

salt: A FOLLY, like

blades in venn


what a sad tokyo


the flounder


master chick

under water lbs.

under kiss of no angel

why cry “me!” 

your breath is enough

for the pool 

stemflower again tomorrow


glocky comms.


mish warbler n bumble trap

grapey drink powder

crawdaddy splish worm

numble spike freeburns

pooling warmth for tongue reminders

yes we’ve been multiples in mountains of fountaining vernaculars

time for the gold time for the wish 11:11 brethren.

a junky cloud



for silverfish blood

and i keep asking:

“where’s the cumpunch?”

frock piles just don’t know when to jump.


it’s your fault only Elizabeth: nantucket remedies are for dumplings only!


the scarves are on their fifth celestial sphere

the morning baker rapids two christmases

child of the goo

you flew too moo

now i’m wrapping chemicals

how did that happen?

trapping squirrel hearts for?

the jello sunrise bleeds on mexico tom—

he’s loaned his pig to a jealous monkey-buster.

reading chicken barks in sacks of wet barley cuz u know

the pick-up game won’t last last until death moons you.


a cocoon farted and we called it: the elegance of miss shrewsbury


a million pies: dirges to the bathtub—

damp reality.  a turtle frowned.

weird how inside of me the soup is

weird how phlegm sticks to the ceiling

weird how the kranzberg arts foundation

didn’t want to fund the documentary on my band

“penis grenade”

weird how cacti fall asleep in your hands

weird how graham crackers taste like that time you pulled a monkey

out of your garage

weird how kansas has its own tap dancing style

are you starting to believe in the girls?

are you starting to irritate yourself with steak knives?

a million pies: some of them klonopin.




with a boring passion

he flips the switch

all is activated

undermining this

literal raindrop

politely you are

smearing ooze

in winter qualias.

ancient techno

myna bird

on a barefoot


subscribe any


to the cartoon


of a wet



for real

you made me realize!


mumbo freelance


mumbo freelance

gnaws the heart

of jack white,


our soaring conundrum

lands at the feet

of king cooldown

who’s making dial up sounds

at the birds:


in orange peel.

i feel

green as fleas

in a shiny pot.


the referee that took the footstep


frozen baseball coordinations

crack of the bat

and yr a freedom surprise

too late for anyone to backbone yr plan:

seven mealy oops jambler

egregious fingerer

clam-pile upkeep

got yawned in a black jeep…

meatball subbin’

substitute the Manny &

you done did a frig-up

man-u iza pile of ruin

fruitin’ the coke in a stick-up

holy days of fraternization

the poppin hilltops breed gutter stars

and that’s what i’ll always be:

gutter star extraordinaire

but lucky me gots my homies to reach up

keep me up to date with the upkeep

and i’ll slip you some fobreeze

that’s bry like da cheese.


for anyone charring railroads


everyone is made out of cum

even the trees

do you understand

this is why I’ll never get to live

and never get to die

the meat goes on

let’s become humble

like a garden snake

we’re all here . . . 

doing stuff


the electric christmas blues


the electric christmas


another lilliputian

taco ceremony.

the only flower


this unborn morning.

gas mask tumors

frilled with

interstellar intercom


the japan radio

announces itself

and downs

one more scotch.

sprout! sprout! sprout!

cowboy jaundice


mister bean muncher

conquer turquoise


seed! blossom! seed!


you needed a cherry pie and so you ordered one


mama spooks had to throw out the old processor because it began inventing new colors.  individuals sending smells as attachments.  pal derby walking in circles chanting “the stoned guardian angel flowers on.”  man.  another day another world.  cobweb killer my throat is the enemy of 40 nude baristas.  london brother your hair is covering the mantras of tuesday acorns.  la-doo.  crumbling band-aid brain winds up discovering the pixelated beaches of californ-aye-ay.  klingon secretary for short times my evening blossoms toward you.  doo-la-lee.  lily trundled to the best spot we got we got the best spot we got.  billiard bubba blow my french silk balls when you can.  “politely,” i plea; “politely,” i plea.  apply leeway safely to the lever that struggles you up without failing.  porta potty princess my lisp welcomes you home.  yes my vest vexes me.  minty monday leavin’ it up to drew barrymore.  winter of suckitup monuments.  lit candied drugs you errored there.  live me again and again.  song to song freed me into a good time with a real brother man tomorrow i will scoop the grass all finger-fed green.  everyone in jumanji had hazel eyes.  eradicate this indecision silas of the sovereign hills.  who said to me “cherry pie grave digs the most ludicrous appetites.”  minion of the yellow river you want it and you want it gone.  i do things, making a simple offering.  simplicity is blue, you know.  it rains in front of me sometimes.  surround sound meteor.  pour me a churning rhythm over that plangent little sock.  frocked we run amok.  who cares to take stock anymore.  keep on whispering “someone’s gotta do it.”  see where that gets ya.  the jubilee man frowns in yesterday time.  nantucket!  i knew i put my…yes the million machine.  landis port sings in swims of softly gauze.  no one knows what to do when the blue whale chirps.  god tried to make a world in my stomach.  gods do that.  sometimes you prescribe a certain amount of staring to your routine.  rudy farmweather samurais himself into the oblivion of just one good night, finally.  reggae bobs and apple blossoms.  until now there has never been mouse clicking in the persian islands.  crestfallen lithium froth wave storming into the empty denny’s demanding pink lemonade.  i won’t be serving my purpose until i create children.  FLIP/FLOP.  orange peels in profile descending under starlit ufo’s.  morbid jungians tessellate a game or two before losing their bodies in a bet with horus.  blanket statement puzzle gaming into the silvery mist that befuddles the pathologers.  mondo filming grey bricks because why not.  okay look.  there are a few dynasties left in the bucket.  what i’m going to do is take one out, soak it in warm butter throw it down the bowling alley.  is that okay with everyone?  i’ve announced what i am going to do and i plan on doing it okay?  i’m doing it now.  alright alright.  calm down.  this is what you wanted.  yes.  i still need you.


wicked spiel


rudiment my angel

polyester crown

for gunny chocolate

collaborations quack

in the truest pawn game

of mid-American turnout

slowly I uh I uh douse the ruckus

with a marmalade yes


please ma’am forget to blink


molly: molly

with quasar jolly

gave a tooth

to see chameleon JOE

but the truth

was just another row.

if I EVER bleed

into that colorful tunic

drop my watch

down the well

telling time:

sink & disturb

sink & disturb

ticky molly,



green-washers that mortgage fringe fries


up up alameda

gorgeousing to the gills

lopsmeary gamer truck

portmanteau of darling

load the Dante cradle

stream continental

& little flake

flake up up!


whisper whisper

whisper whisper

your barf is cloudy


whisper whisper

whisper whisper

will it 



when there’s winking to be done re: icecubes


the quantum rigmarole leans

over the porcupine scale


the breakneck ossuary scoffs

at clocks made of gargoyle


hitmen clumsy into the convention

with their hidden salt


iterations of power freshen

up in bergman power


again with the chim chim cheree

pedantics, you stone


ah, truth diffusion.


crack me up, wabash cannonball!


surefire crept

like blankets

older zinc carbuncley &



we efforted into

sliding doors, with

our radio cake surprise

never needing that

kiss pillow, mist that

radios up concubines


while listening to “Iceblink Luck” by Cocteau Twins:


surfing angelic into

glitter doors!—

wintery touch like

love disease!—

europe skin real


of puddle flesh—

drink a feeling of



underneath the supernova


cramming your gloves

into glass boxes

for museums

of danger—

eyedart, a harmonium.

pander wheel juke

veering like a saint!


window courter in the website of flying jackfruit


remind me of jungle

remind me of gin

repeat all your bungle

repeat all your sin

wicker boy stuart

wicker boy jim

wander more alert

wander more thin

force the playground

down my throat, or

face the agnostic

laundry buddy.


regal spice quotient


sunken bear, revolving

around jade stopwatches,

can’t you trust in

jelly?  treat sister in

crunch!  why oh why

with ten million flies, all guard

the goop!  ninth inning

pro?  stocking drawers

with reasons


a conservationist swam to saturday easy


what a spoony midnight

lounging with the coolest

ribosomes—frankly, we’re a

damned earthquake

if you believe with your



marigold slippers


i’m in the Saint Louis University

library (Pius).  i have cough drops because

of my cold, and i’m willing

to share, with anyone

but they won’t ask.

walls are masculine &

always burgundy

classy women prefer



bard creature


the warmth matures

magic bottles move frozen

words, try a garbage gargoyle

try with sleep to sleep but

emolliate fresh feathers

when you can, dear lively




Someone opened the walk-lamp, with a bike wrench.  I know what with because they were me.  It kind of comes different now, the light.


For instance:

the noiseless cow of Idaho, the endless air of airplane.  The dream you are forgetting, the light behind the sun.  In Poland there are people talking about what can be done.  In Poland there are always people talking.  The glass is of water, the sea is of salt.  Remembering now: the dream between an object and its shadow.



Last night it became apparent to me that I became a parent.  This had never happened before to me and naturally I discovered a great deal of excitement.  A structure with the ability to recognize myself quite often and understand themselves as responses to my existing now exists.  Last night—and during a shower—the showerhead transmogrified myself into becoming a parent.  And the showerhead became a system of delivery: delivering my birth to the eyes of everyone.  My little hackberry baby screamed and squirmed its way to clutch the drain and the darkness of the underdrain.   I did the good thing and let the lawn suckle its root-tips (and through the drain cover!).  Whoever (everyone) sees the birth cries tears and then they are clean. . .and clean rabbits are a strange thing to see.


bottle rocket full trunk


make a penny noise, soil-scape bright

image of yearner—charge answers.

poinsettia rumination paths lab computer

2 watch lab sex, impounded truce.

interesting sk8er lipo dance warning

about pining, still pining poor.

mousepad is First Bad Man — Miranda

July, tarot says Seven of Pentacles:

Air Heads Xtremes Corn Nuts Ranch Amp Energy Original The Collected Poems Of Wallace Stevens Sometimes a Great Notion Nadja Froth on the Daydream The Book of Disquiet Stag Beer JUICE Monster Dave And Busters mug literally some row of staples MURRAY & LANMAN Colonia DE ROSAS Trolli Twisted SourBrite Crawlers Ovid Metamorphoses Silmarillion Complete Poems (D.H. Lawrence) masking tape Tess of the d’Urbervilles Death of Ivan Ilych and other stories Oblomov “The Immortal Hero of Laziness” numerous pens bodhisattva postcard & more from museum USB microphone schedule assignment tiny plastic animals “The 95 Theses of Kay’s Beauty Shop: Ineffable Wisdom and Casual Gossip of Ordinary Women . . . and Introducing Mother Time” from Sam lighter stamps lovely notes deodorant strawberry cheesecake fudge rings King Size Take 5 Chinese candy wild unknown christmas gift from annie fishbowl with missile gloves, never worn.