Omegle – Victor Barrenechea

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

You: hi
Stranger: heyyyyy
Stranger: asl
Stranger: wanna do chat with m yonger than u
You: how young?
Stranger: m 20
You: oh, ok
Stranger: how r u
You: i’m really tired
You: i had a wild night last night
Stranger: how
You: ok
You: there’s this boy that i like
You: and last night i curated this art show at a local bar
You: and this boy came
You: the thing is, i can’t tell if he likes me back
You: like at one point he was going to leave to another club
You: and my friend talked him out of it.
You: then later he let me sit on his lap, but he wouldn’t try to kiss me or anything
You: then at the end of the night, i went home with him, but he didn’t try anything, even though we slept in the same bed
You: i can’t tell if he’s in to me. he always wants to hang out, but he never tries anything
Stranger: k…..
Stranger: i understand ur fellings baby
Stranger: nw ur okkk
You: and tonight
You: we’re supposed to meet up around midnight, but he hasn’t called me or anything
Stranger: so how u will meet him
You: i don’t know
You: maybe he doesn’t want to meet up
Stranger: k…
Stranger: ys i also think so
You: what do you think are his intentions?
Stranger: ya may be
Stranger: o wanna do chat with me or not
You: i d
You: i do
You: i was just asking for advice
Stranger: m boreeeee
You: okay, we’ll talk about whatever you want then
Stranger: make me happy i will tll u how u can meeet him
You: that’s not how a conversation works
Stranger: means
You: how do i make you happy?
Stranger: by doing some gud chat in our way
You: well, i can’t carry the conversation alone
You: you have to add to the conversation, or else it’ll be boring for me
Stranger: why m also here 4 dis chat
Stranger: k……
Stranger: nw pls start
You: so how are you?
Stranger: write knw k….
Stranger: n u
You: tired
Stranger: boreeee
Stranger: wanna do some dirty chat with u yarr
Stranger: plsssss statr
Stranger: start
You: i’m tired
You: you start
Stranger: so wat baby
You: i want my advice, so hurry up
Stranger: plzzzzz start n
You: you start
Stranger: so wat u hve weared
You: a dress
Stranger: i knw dress means
Stranger: means in dress wat u hve weared
You: a long skirt
Stranger: n on top
You: it’s one piece
You: that’s what a “dress” is
Stranger: k….
Stranger: which color of bra
You: my bra is under my clothes
You: i don’t remember the color
Stranger: den remove ur clothes baby
You: what if my roommate walks in?
Stranger: locks d room’
You: hey, we’ve been talking for a while. can i get a little bit of advice before we continue?
You: what should i do about that boy?
You: should i call him?
Stranger: no dont
You: why not?
Stranger: no m saying
You: i like him
Stranger: i will tell u wat to do
You: ok
You: well?
Stranger: so have u removed
You: i haven’t even locked the door yet
You: hey, could you answer my question before we continue?
Stranger: den lock it
You: answer my question while i get up to lock it
Stranger: ys
Stranger: plss
You: yes, i should call him?
Stranger: k. ur choice
Stranger: if any prob. dont blame me
You: ok
You: hold on a second
You: i’m going to call him right now
Stranger: talking to him
You: i sent him an sms
Stranger: wat hapen he picked da call
Stranger: k.
Stranger: nw we do
Stranger: can we some ight now
You: ok
You: so the door is locked
Stranger: k…
Stranger: have u removed ur cloths
You: not yet
You: hold on
You: okay this is a little embarrassing
You: the back zipper is stuck
Stranger: do it fast baby
You: i’m trying
Stranger: should i
You: you’re not even here!
You: how can you?
You: fuck
You: i got it off, but i think i ruined the zipper
You: this makes me sad
Stranger: jst saying baby
Stranger: why
You: that was my favorite dress
You: maybe i can fix it
Stranger: no pob. jst put it on ur bed
You: my bed is in the other room, hold on
Stranger: put it over here only
Stranger: have u removed ur clothes baby
You: see, this is why i feel weird. i shouldn’t be doing this in my roommates room. i should be doing it in my room
Stranger: no prob.
You: he just texted me back!
Stranger: nw have u removed everything
You: he’s coming over in 20 minutes!
Stranger: ohhhh
You: what should i do?
Stranger: k…..
You: i need advice
Stranger: we should start now
You: i really like him. i don’t want to blow this
You: give me advice first
Stranger: frst chat with me dn i will tell u
You: no
You: advice first
Stranger: i wi;;
You: he’s coming over soon
Stranger: trust me
Stranger: i will tust me
Stranger: dere will be no prob.
Stranger: k……
Stranger: nw we should stare
You: you will give me advice right now, or i won’t take off my bra
Stranger: start
You: and it better be good advice
You: how do i get him to like me?
Stranger: i will give avry gud advic which makes me happy
Stranger: frst u make me happy
You: no
You: first you give me advice
Stranger: fuck off
You: no
You: give me advice now!
You: or you’re going to be alone
You: i only have 20 minutes
Stranger: ys m alone on ma bed
You: start
You: advice
You: now
You: or else
You: boreeee
You: boreee
You: i want advice now
You: boreee
You: start
Stranger: u should start
You: no u
You: boreee
Stranger: ur fig.
You: advice
You: start
Stranger: plss
You: no
You: not until i get advice
Stranger: wats ur figure
You: i want advice
Stranger: den go 2 hell yar why should i tell
Stranger: u cant make me happy
You: because i have something you want
You: and i won’t give it until you make me happy
Stranger: m chatting frm lst 35 min
You: by giving me advice
Stranger: frst make me happy den only i wil u and him happy
You: no
You: first i get happy
You: then you
You: that’s the way it is
You: you’re going to have a lot of problems in life with women if you don’t understand this
Stranger: den jst fuck off suck ma hard long dick
You: no one will suck your tiny dick
You: give me advice
Stranger: not
Stranger: tiny
Stranger: its tall
You: it’s tiny
Stranger: more den ur love
You: i doubt that
Stranger: bigger
You: no way
Your conversational partner has disconnected.