On My Washed Up ye Shit – Manuel Marrero

(Lush soul sample)
Accommodations and concessions you ain’t getting none
Never suffer fools lightly even if they run
Unless you gone fight me, don’t bite me
I’m Psyche
no heroes
It’s just me and Eros
I drank up those tears
Had a bad year got the bedsores to prove it
Say something or lose it
dancing to the tune of a broken drum til I’m right and dumb
I was a dirty lil secret once
White cishet fuckboy right
Wunn’t even worth it right
But I’m gallego aight
Uncouth spic chewin feels like toothpicks
I’m a bundle of twix
A catty diva, ass tight, more feminine than a metonym for PMS
So dig your own grave Ima dig a trench
And tell dead men it’s a coincidence
Ain’t no coincidence
(Minimal soul break)
Bring the ruckus sweetie or take a drink from Lethe
Comport yourself with dignity and decency
Truthfully I never recover, I got abandonment issues I can’t cover
If I die before last call have one on my tab
Broke parts of me I didn’t know I had
End times means clutch
Hold on to your daddies grasp firm your roots
Make a choice you can live with and live with it
Ain’t no do over
I’m a gentleman, a businessman and a fucking sweetheart in that order
What are you?
Snakes and bums go take a hike off a narrow pier
Only trucking with chums count your electrolytes
Truthfully I love it when we harmonize indications of stress when you ain’t at your best
Maybe give it a rest

Get your rest