Pacific Time see you in Hyde Park – Matilda Z. Halen

 “This idea flashed into her mind. His appearance had barely changed since he finished his Ph.D. Thesis on comparative literature about writer’s cultural identity, the relation between Stefan Zweig, Franz Kafka in Jewish-German literature and the concept of  littérature mineure.”

                            /// Hello Miss, welcome to the Cellar.

                           /// Pacific Time see you in Hyde Park

Dr. Stein, getting drunk at the Jimmy’s.

Hyde Park is overpopulated.

Miss. Sinner, holding a Persian cat standing offstage.

                           /// crepuscular light

Mr. Klein has a guitar.


                           /// He will give you eyes of blue


Mr. Klein is back without his bottle.

Mr. Klein goes to the country club.

Mr. Klein walks in a philosophical reality.

                          /// Apeirokalia

He said find me on the other seaside of the little island.

We climbed a mountain

Crossed a bridge.

/// How do I find an ocean near Nebraska

/// Will he give me starry nights and eyes of blue

/// Pacific Time, see you in Hyde Park.

Matilda Z. Halen is a writer based in Washington, DC. Her work has appeared in New English Review, Misery Tourism, Lily Literary Review, Expat Press, and other publications. You can find her on Twitter @mydearmatilda.