All Japan Super Poem – David Lohrey

Kabuki Lessons 


It must be thrilling to know 
Girls used to be so full of doubt but now they say,
“Sure, I’m sure.” I say 1970, she says Nixon bombed Cambodia.
When I was a kid, I found a brontosaurus under my corn flakes.
Today I get all of world history at the end of my tootsie pop. 

The bodies,



Four Experimental Poems – Parasite Hermit

Experimental Poem #1


Razor-sharp tip of the foray
Spearheaded by the Hellishly hot tip of wrath
But sober, us divide the burnt pieces of tangerine peel
The utterance of prickly patterns on our mutual spaces
It’s an accentuated marriage in heaven
It’s the vibrations of the penance of titans
It’s the parallelism of commitment that gets tangled
It’s the hermit torturing itself to death
The boychild of the clan is crushed in the mill
The militia garners the cold for us
The wraiths offer us air,



A Pauper’s Luxury – beat56

nepenthd’ nectard’


addiction is its own universe
galaxies of tired sad withdrawals
faint red suns of indifferent drugs
waiting for the entrancd’ hour
the illuminatd’ flourishing declines
and the need and loss of the
unseen behindlife attempts to call
again the ordinary hours yawn and

Prologue prolongd’ death hours
mourn moribund for the ageless
time of nepenthd’



Florida Man – Josh Sherman

I do another line, and I feel like I’m in my own time zone.

I’m in the bathroom of my basement apartment, cutting up some more blow with my government-issued health card. I like the irony. My friends are just outside, in the kitchen. The only thing separating us is the door.

“They’re singing now!”

That’s Yuri. He’s come over for one of my sausage parties.