fuji – Adedapo Adeniyi

you’re nauseated, motion sick and you feel your feet numbing, you need air, you’re dozing off to drugs you should try it, the taste of pineapple still on your tongue, all the slices you bought are finished now and you kept wishing you’d added ketchup to them, you’ve never added ketchup to them before. the driver is trying to adjust the gear so you shift a little,



Your Business Here – GRSTALT Comms

I might be out of road here, maybe they’re right this time, they told me the road is as wide as it is long, might be better to peel off and get comfortable in the mud, you start seeing yourself in their light after a while, all the angles you’ve tried to keep hid get magnified, short breaths and long silences, the small comfort of not having to feel the wind against your face,



3 Poems For Your Consideration – Chloe Wheeler

dimes square wednesday soirée 

Shredded carrot salad 

à la Ray Peat, two glasses of wine.

rosé for you, pinot for me—for sure, 

you say, for sure we’re moving out 

by January. For sure. I’m not. 

I’m constipated.



Phantasm – Mariam Onipede

“the birth of the subconscious which is then formed in a refined vessel, creativity. this birth stemmed from being in solitude with oneself and being wary of one’s consumptions”

i am sat cross-legged opposite a boy, man speaking 

he has an afro and looks to be in his 20s

we are on a cold concrete floor in a small bare room with no form of entrance in sight,