Poems For Your Birthday – Anthony Isaac Bradley

Blue Poem

What is your level of need

when I bubble up to say

softly, give it to me

compared to when I work it hard

like the collar off my back

on your floor is blue?

Baby talk (coo) in one ear

while you, skin pink,

float in a mix

of body condiments:

Old Spice.



The Missionary Killings – S.M.H.

  “There will be no brain to understand what is God.”




The man walked. The man walked into the woods. The noise soaked land buzzed brightly in the heat. The man walked with a boy.  The boy was not his son. The boy was no relation. The boy walked in front.  A white leash looped around his thin neck, 



Spandroid – Theresa Smith

A spandroid is a humanoid whose constitution and behavior developed as an adjunct to another, more important technology, and exists to support it. Were it not for the important process or object aided by the spandroid, the spandroid would not exist. The muse, so-called, is a spandroid, put into her spot in the ancient cosmogony for the reason that the production of a poem required, for some, the formal acknowledgement of a force outside themselves grooming and selecting their words and dispensing the fiery provender that came to be recognized as a technology called inspiration.



Fucked Up [excerpts] – Damien Ark

excerpts from a novel written by damien ark, entitled, ‘fucked up’.


pages 12 – 14


It’s essential that I never know the names of the people I hook up with. I don’t want to get close to them. They need to treat me like I’m a cheap blow-up doll and in return I will treat them like a jar of slime.