Preliminary Notes on a Miami Cannibal – Fawzy Zablah

May 4, 2020

        Gabriel called. He’s ready to work on the documentary. We’re so inspired now that we’re already sending each other five-minute-long Voice Notes on WhatsApp discussing ideas. We have come to the understanding that despite the gruesome details of the brutal attack being the spur for this project, what fascinates us more is the life stories of the attacker and victim, and how their eventual encounter on that sunny day of May 2012,



Camera Obscura – Stephanie Yue Duhem

is the name of this angel, his

every eye aflame as a sword.

If I too am a tool

for his vision,

if I can make for him

a new incision in

the world, with my word—

Lord, let me soft

like a sandal,



Dunkoff Chapter One – Sam Wade

        I was twelve years old, a seventh-grader, sitting at my desk, wearing my number 99 Cleveland Indians baseball jersey, running my fingers over hard dried wads of chewing gum stuck under the desk and staring at a bowl of fruit on a table at the center of the room. I couldn’t have cared less about drawing a bowl of fruit. Mr. Jones could suck it.
        I looked around the room.



Interview with Olivia Kan-Sperling

MM) Why did you choose to name your characters Kendall Jenner and Lil Peep?


OKS: It’s the other way around: the novella began with Kendall. I’ve never watched the Kardashians, and don’t care what she’s like as a person, but I was obsessed with her images. Her face is so banal that it suggests nothing; its beauty is like a void. You can’t “read” into it.