Revolutionary? Spear it. – Netscape Negro

Don Lemon is eating Huey Newton’s corpse on prime time 


As the blood of the dissenting martyr drops down into the open mouths of a million r/DSA revolutionaries 


You can’t say what you mean on the internet 


If you go outside Ol’Porky magdumps the heart attack gun into your whole family 


Terror is a commodity,



Saran-Wrapped Scream: On The Cleaning Lady – David Kuhnlein

After the prom, and I ain’t got no scum bag
Saran wrap, Saran wrap
Freak together, love together, slurp together, scream together
Saran wrap, Saran wrap
– The Fugs

Amazon Prime, our colosseum peepshow, worldwide bathhouse, keeps our stalls sufficiently partitioned. The walls long for priapismic normalcy. It’s more fun when we’re struck blind by content for looking. Elevator jazz on a boombox, steady rhythm ride cymbals,



Scribble Daemon – Viv Cartagena

SAM holds out a freshly empty styrofoam cup. As Sam speaks, SUIT pours viscous darkness into the cup from a shadowed part of the interrogation room.

SAM: Keep it coming. I was twelve years old the first time I saw steaming intestines sagging from a machete wound. Directly below a jailbait thread.

Sam pulls on their sleeve. Cigarette burns are briefly visible but neither Sam’s mannerisms nor the camera focus on them.



I Hate Walmart – Patrick Kilgore

I was leaving Walmart today only to be accosted on my way out by a geriatric old man asking to check my receipt with the bags in my cart. There used to be kind, gentle old ladies greeting me on my entrance now there’s this decrepit shitbag standing in their place wanting to give me a very thorough pat-down. I kindly told him in a manner which communicated to him my unwillingness to cooperate as well as my desire to leave the store without provocation that I would let him check my receipt with my bags if he emptied out his pockets and let me root through his car beforehand.