Interview with James Nulick

MM) You are a rare book collector / bibliophile / book aficionado/ fetishist. Tell me how you first got into collecting. What sort of books do you tend to seek out? And how/when did you start doing your signature stove top pics on Twitter? 


JN) I’ve always been a collector, even as a teenager. I was also a completist. Back in my teens it was Stephen King books.



Contrary to Unpopular Belief – James D. Casey IV

Runes on the bones of forgotten dreams trying to remember
not hurting themselves, consumed on a park bench under a wet newspaper
in the rain, crying on a payphone call
to a home that doesn’t exist.

Piano notes in an old worn out duffle bag behind the eyes
of a thousand violins, and justice unfound in a cruel world slipped away.

Thirteen moons and a million sub-machine guns
stolen from an unmarked van.



Role of the Victim and/or Survivor – Damien Ark

Thirty-seven degrees, light rain, asphalt clouds, eight-hour conference on trauma at nine in the morning. I don’t need to be here. I lived and wrote the book on this shit already. However, one thing did stick out to me. The speaker said that scientists can now take the blood of an adult and see if they were abused as a child. Abuse can damage someone on the cellular level. Trauma lives in the tissue and cartilage,



Grab Ass – Anthony Dragonetti

I was in my early 20s. Maybe even 19 when I started. It was easier once I could legally drink in bars. If you can still be called cute in your mid-20s, it does something to you. Some boys were already seeing their hair thin. Perpetual stubble no matter how often they shaved. Love handles, even.

Not me. Baby faced with a slight bubble butt and shaggy hair.