Indignation – Hestia N/A

Trapped within the dimly lit concrete behemoth the rats scatter and scatter as they attempt to keep themselves secure within their small part of an elaborate incomprehensible maze of paths and side paths intersecting interweaving interconnected and vast.



Dolly – Josiah Morgan

You kept imagining her body, sprawled, a car crash, invisible, dying, freedom from making the decision, but this is only imagination. Six years ago, on your birthday, Dolly had given you a hand-carved wooden box, a lovely idea, now the box sits unused, empty, possibly beechwood, invisible, not yours, not of this time. 

You buried her eyes in your heart. They had not detached easily from the body.



The Homonym – Theo Banks


While left falutin’ in tents of fluming, the holy beast came large a-looming; then suppliant he sat colluding – with gasoline and bible.



Surrounded by the rift unending the vision weak and want for rending as in its gaze his heart was spending the boy collapsed in prostrate fear

But his was not the heaving ruin, the ghastly drown of marsh and plume,



Red Riding Hood – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

“You have a weird face.”

“All the better to eat you with,” the guy purrs and Rusty wrinkles his nose in disgust. He’s not gay or anything, but even if he was, that is just. Well, it’s a bad line, isn’t it?

“What is that, like. A euphemism?”

“No,” the guy says, smiling, showing off a row of slightly-yellowed, sharp teeth. They come out of fucking nowhere,