BAYWATCH AS A BIOSPHERE – Shane Jesse Christmass

I am in the motel room again/ A small lamp … the bedspread … a soft knock on the door. My dirty clothes are pressed and clean … heavy footsteps in the parking lot. A shapeless grey pile beside the chain-link fence. A bumper sticker that says: Economic Growth and/or molecular. A medium close shot … the sun pours … wide streaks … the slightest movement of NYC shadows.

I pull the blanket tighter around me.



These primeval representations of Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall will drag you into the struggle of forces with all of the conviction of a demiurge – James D. Casey IV

Beasts with Benefits 


the beast smiled

bits of my flesh

in his toothy grin

I smiled back

leaned in close


“That felt good.”

licked its earlobe

then finished

on its face

now that fucker

won’t return my calls

and the predator

has become the prey




A Two Pronged Attack on People Skills – Gwil James Thomas

Putting Poems in Pockets/What Would GG Allin Do?


I read that GG Allin told his fans
to write ‘GG Allin’
on banknotes
to spread the message,
as the last thing that people were
going to throw away was money.

That’s when I’d had another
genius idea –
I’d pen my poems on banknotes!

With a poem scribbled on a fiver
in my pocket I’d then wandered to
the corner shop picked up a packet
of Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch,



The Story of Medved [excerpt] – Ted Prokash

Many of the events in this account revolve directly around or otherwise involve, to varying degrees, that most unique character, Vasily Ivanovich Medved. Since Medved was not a man in the habit of revealing his most intimate designs or true feelings, it might be most helpful to relate here the story of his origins. His terrible tale is steeped in the tradition of our dearest Russian folklore – so brutal and so true…