Panorama – Jonathan Hine

the stanford crematorium experience 



the great spirit of darkness spreads a shroud over a haven of subtle tracers that burn dim somewhere beyond the eyelids rendering the boundary line between darkness and monotonous fire in long shreds across suffocating murky trails where dazed twilight conditions are siphoned within range of nightmares beyond life-or-death forums granted a degree of normalcy by the seven-fold eschatology thereby preventing autopsied news projections from effectively plotting variations thereof into an array of apotheosis stacks or any kind of meaningful framework that would allow proper hallucinatory bludgeoning areas from being resolved back into self-surveillance until casting you in the image of familiar preoccupations per the contact spin of outflowing quick release halo lucidly across third eye fangs as a blatant disregard for the opacity left behind as things must continue in these endless ways




multiverse static slant 


meaningless access self-destructive ashrams

bioluminescent pantheons


disregarded existence dreamed out of electromagnetic grandeur

crystal hues of amped grace 


bouquet clamor

wailing concentration rapid fire

recomposed sense of presence

last word 

sudden delight