() – David Sprehe

Fingers extend in curiosity
Stretch melting into
Wind. On height
Lights below endless flickering
Shudder thumping in brain and chest
Reflecting eyes
Glistening thunder conflicting rings
In a street puddle
Disturbance in oily polychromatic film
Like wings sprouted from
Pockmarked bodies
A memory squeezed from street gutter hole
Where we clawed our face to remove skin
Made orifice and heaved
Vomiting thick green fluids coating our
Body in sooth stink sooth us hold us
Encased in hole
Protect us from hungry things
Given stasis
Empty sleep
Rain flooded and broke our crust
We moved
Our feet and fingers bloodied
Scraping along jagged walls
Crawled out shaking
Cold and wet and alone
But clean
Hole overflows a gurgling sewage belch
Release, bend and twist our body
Our pieces flake and fall
Dissolving in the torrent below