Phallic Symbols [excerpts + 1] – Cletus Crow

I Deactivated X (Formerly Known as Twitter)
I haven’t looked at the sky in years. 
The most effective sunsets
are seen while walking out of Walmart.
Mundane mixes with miracle
then you get our semi-charmed life.
Dad’s orgasm was that powerful.
I wrote a book about herbal supplements. 
Fuck Obama’s music list and 
every opinion on AI art. 
No one’s out to get me anymore.
Time to perfect my recently invented 
perpetual motion machine. 
There isn’t pain outside this window. 
Maybe you hate America. 
I’m learning Night Moves on piano. 
The world’s more eggshell than oyster
but it’s still an aphrodisiac.
I’m baking garlic bread just for fun.


you called me fickle
I was offended

arguments afterward
taste like dead kids

if someone snipped
my violin string

your ticket punched
shrugging silence

think how easy
the absence of poop

yet future selves
could see it as bone

we could need kids
to stay in love you say

haha funny joke
our black tea is cold



vibrating like
hate mail
from anonymous

kinda jealous
know i shouldn’t be
but still 

it’s simply better 
neon green silicon

the lightsaber
of old jedi masters
the sound too

as a big boy
i gorged star wars 
with granddad

meek manhood
meat pizza 
mom’s not home

i wish my penis
could cut 
through blast shields 

oneself so innocent
bad headache 

Phallic Symbols
I wield my penis point up
so its cyclops eye
can imagine clouds as animals,
no thirst for blood, 
only elephants and God. 
My penis is innocent
and loves God,
the ultimate penis haver,
who has everything 
so His penis is just what it is.
One day, I will gather 
every shotgun, 
guitar, lightsaber, limitation,
cucumber, eggplant, 
spear and shame. 
I will push this sexy pile
down a volcano
so my penis can be just what it is:
just some troubled worm,
another brain
and a broken feeler
that reminds me of your teeth.