Platonics – Lexi Clidienst

one night the needle
peeking sharp through
my brain tweezed, burst
into your little sighs
in the diorama of your small room

I leaned in because we never before shared
split silence, knifing pecans into stringy quiet,

because I’m a nice girl like
an oyster, open burden,
and you were wearing gloves

because I’m the shoreline you’re the slick

because when you were driving at night
in the country pitch black the headlights
reflected off a stray cat’s eyeballs

like two christmas light bulbs,
I saw the light

actually because I don’t like
being your friend but I love
the theater of your small room
the excited noise we make how small
your room is and how I find you
still moving always moving towards
gratitude towards me ecstatic
and loving posture
and I’m the star now right
here in the five-pointed
portal of my mouth