Pokémon Apocalypse – Yuya Sakurai


Pokémon apocalypse Brand new nihilism Otaku apocalypse VTuber’s Otaku Millennium GazettE Chiru Christopher’s blue Zeiss Ikon GAFA complex Anti-Oedipus Guǐchéng Uber Eats brainwashes The street is full of sour smell of cigarettes, Kampo and fruits Generation Z is Generatiion Left Anthropocene Hikikomori junkies ChroNoiR’s Sugar Hate Björk Game of Death Lady GAGA

Iconoclasm rebellion Ketzer Brexit Hatsune Miku Rosen Maiden iPhone is Fetish de nos jours Clubhouse in the night is cyberpunk as I remember VJ streaming in the ghetto of Poland My anthropophobia Massive Attack Buddha iPhone VTuber #BLM #StopAsianHate Pikachu

LUNA SEA desert moonrise posttruth Antinatalism NieR Replicant -10+1 Years- HOKUSAI Automata Sacrament of skyscrapers of GAFA conglomerates’ Angelphobia sinners in Eden is Angel Dust

Coronachan OROCHI Danse Macabre is Guǐchéng of Kabukicho in 199X DIR EN GREY is slave of iPhone Seppuku Kiss of Death Tokyo’s Game of Death Idoru is Otaku’s superstar My Fuckin’ Valentine Schizo Hallucination Neon Genesis EVANGELION is Simabara Rebellion of Sinofuturism in fin de siècle from Farthest East noblesse oblige of MALICE MIZER as Black Russian

transvestite/crossdresser’s TikToker DX is Angelholic Angelphobia Baizuo in Love Hotel of Bảo Đại, the Last Emperor of Nguyễn Dynasty Rusty Nail PayPay pigeon blood We have no common each other other than death It makes us partager narrowly GHOST IN THE SHELL 2049 GODZILLA S.P GOD BLESS YOU 〜One Night Dejavu〜 Punx shouts to the moon at the kombinat of Odaiba adjacent to Tokyo Bay which overdosed Ice Blue


PSYCHO-PASS of Mille Plateaux The Eternal Incel CxO is EVA-EXTRA-EXTRA of EVANGELION:3.0+1.01 PUI PUI MOLCAR le symbolique of hyper capitalism is LOVELESS hieros gamos of GAFAM as Brand New Big Tech Godless Posttruth Otaku’s Anti-Oedipus shouts “God is dead” What will happen to existence now that the Web replaced God in SNS era? κυανοειδες ροδον is le Réel of Shinji Ikari higher than Babel skyscrapers AKIRA’s Tokyo Olympic 2020 hallucinated by Katsuhiro Otomo is not over Cyberpunk is not dead

Les Paradis artificiels tattoo of 卐 is taboo of Les Fleurs du mal On the streets of Tokyo, reeking of Chinese herbs and garbage, I chew on a pill of Xtasy It’s Le Spleen de Paris in 2021 Zeitgeist of Goth Lolita Iconoclasm Anime Terrorist Vietnamese bánh mì The rotten smell of Kampo and fruit and perfume Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian… Takadanobaba is the most multinational and stateless town in Japan IDW of machine de guerre’s ligne de fuite Purple eyeshadow, blue lipstick and black light tattoos on backhands Drag queen dances on the dance floor named Noir Désir

Pale blue neons in Kabuki-cho flicker in Exodus to artificial Eden atheist-communist says “Religion is the opium of the people.” Vivienne Westwood overheat Internet cafe refugees Chrome Exhaust hyper SDGs Fist Fuck hyper than hype further than future Schadenfreude voodoo castration anxiety eunuch ground zero of Comiket air castle drone assassination acid rain falls on coal tar of Roppongi street hyperheated by LUNA SEA Triskaidekaphobia tattoo of monkey-wagon Mickey Mouse on a punx shines with black light in gay club playing a GIG of fin de siècle cyber decadence AKIRA’s bike exhausts on Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba, the kombinat nearby Tokyo Bay Y2K “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism” Simabara Rebellion in 199X Bitcoin BRAND NEW LOVELESS

Godless Posttruth SINNERS IN EDEN 202X PayPay’s apocalypse is Primal Scream of Massive Attack pigeon blood in Inner Universe looks like the moonrise of Cybergoth, Digital Decadence and Techno Noir which is techno-thanatos future modulating God Pandemonium of Brand New Vogue Last Hallucination The LUV Mechanical Dance dejavu the night of ROSIER 3rd MILLENNIUM Hương river in Hue, Vietnam on Lunatic Xmas GIG is my phallic mother DOLL Queen Leech Alexander McQueen’s moon eclipse of Last Bible

Tokyo Virus of Noir Desir dejavu HAKENKREUZ HALLUCINATION’s Chrome Exhaust Brand New Otaku is godless psychoneurosis even without gender and political correctness Anime and Vtuber squeeze money from Otaku and lonely old persons in late capitalism/post-Fordism, which is Tokyo Babylon’s pseudo-name Tokyo Olympics 2021 under a declared state of emergency is like COVID-19 Deep Fake TikTok YouTuber EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME


Epicurean Danse Macabre of Rose Jail is TABOO of SODOMY like last snow which falls in Final Fantasy VII Postponed AKIRA’s Olympics 2020 infected by Hypnotic Poison representing urban violence, Xtasy and Black Russian Dies Irae, Dies Illa Cos-Play of Rei Ayanami hallucinates Japan as a vassal state
or satellite nation of China Bad Blood Lilith Hermaphroditus Androgynous-centric Lovedoll Babel skyscrapers dominate 3rd MILLENNIUM GIG at slum in Tokyo crypt currency

Doomer with black pills who believe fake news meme pollution of Uber Eats Chinese hip hop is Triskaidekaphobia of Tokyo Olympics 2021 which is a ghost of AKIRA

Zen is anarchy in Akiba Raid Maria-holic Junkie in a fool’s paradise on Christmas Eve is xenophobia of Rusty Nail in filter bubble of cancel culture hip hop anamnēsis which Zeiss Ikon sees through Tokyo Olympics 2021 is hell as hip hop resurrection Two Minutes Hate became 1440 Minutes Hate on SNS like TikTok Japanification Post Digital COVID-19 Mariaholic DaiGo’s eugenics is blue hair with black light tattoo under mirror ball’s Xtasy Ho Chi Minh’s Avatar in Metaverse of Snow Crash without raison d’être of mRNA vaccines as a technology created by the process/reverse engineering of (capitalist) de-territorialization accelerated by the horror of the pandemic MOOD APHRODITEGANG of 舐達麻

Blockchain poem as hip hop anamnesis and gangsta rap neologismic uploaded in cyber aretology’s Tokyo Babylon of Post Digital Angel #StopFemicides Big Tech’s filter bubble eclipses JK Kawaii Metaverse in Snow Crash of Chrome Odaiba Skyline Drone’s love Dystopia in Afrofuturism mixed with African Diaspora and Cyberpunk that is Sun Ra Drag Queen with pale blue makeup and black light tattoos dances under the mirror ball with xenophobia Xtasy in 202X BDSM of Uber Eats Communo-Virus Bibleholic Uber Eats Apocalypse in BRAND NEW LOVELESS era Mariaholic Jesusphobia reboots phasmophobia of AKIRA’s Tokyo 2020 apocalypse Neon Genesis EVANGELION of Babel of GAFA skyscrapers in Hồ Chí Minh flickers pale blue in fin de siècle of Les Fleurs du mal punx shouts at XXX in 19XX iPhoneholic mirror glasses of Proud Boys’ AI Last Emperor of Nguyễn Dynasty hallucinates #BLM expelled from Les Paradis artificiels of L’Ève future ANTIFA chrome exhausts Asexual Baizuo in Intellectual Dark Web of Nihil Unbound Andorogynous/Hermaphroditus angels in Paradise Lost is L’Arc〜en〜Ciel Dark Enlightenment as Matrix Resurrections