poo poo pee pee – GG Roland

drunk in the morning


i don’t know where my glasses are
i think “okay, this is how i am supposed to see things”
i smile and go pee
it’s all watercolors!





kaitie i would like to touch your knee again
if you’d like
i will snort your soft blonde hair
like a romance language drug addict named angelo
who spilled cocaine on his cappellini



wash, rinse, 


Washing the dishes is an enjoyable activity. By thinking that enough, you make yourself believe it. Washing the dishes becomes a little easier. Every repetitive physical task is like this. Dishes, laundry, clearing the sidewalk, dynamiting avalanches of loneliness between your spine and ribs to prevent future disaster, these all cease to be sources of dread once you stop making yourself dread them. The day goes on as you finish your chores. And after.




nighttime silly mood


the way the word looks makes sense


good pronunciation

flower, flower

odd spelling


move your mouth around to flower


flower as a verb

flowers flower

your flower face

flowers mouth

let us flower

let’s hope we can flower

maybe we’ll flower

flower power, etc

i flower you