Present – David Sprehe

Grey slime sky
Pocketed in leaky sphincters
Come drips containing our bodies.
Prostrate where plopped
from slimy shit leakage.
Kneeling in maggots and decay
An unending landscape of rot
Filth soaked in our birth
Sifting the rotten writhing mass
with contorted spindly fingers.
Lift a clump to sniff.
Tongue out, taste,
take in rancid, playful rot.
Mash with pale, pink gums
webbed in thin dark veins.
Our skin cold and hairless
Face taut and crackly over face bones.
Dried, flaky turd flesh mask
A toothless cracked grin.
Eyes without lids, bloodshot mirrors.
Decay. Pretty life eaten before it sprouts.
Worm mass wiggles down throat.
Gag. Hurts to swallow.
Stomach gurgles.
Too rich, these rotten tastes.
Catch the acid rot vomit with broken hands.
Black flecks in our drool.
Drool strings from our lips.
Grunt. Burble.
Smear acid rot vomit over
Our crotch, up tummy scar 2 r tits.
Burns tingle slit.
Giggle hee he.
Double over
hacking fit. Hack.
Mirror eyes wet, then dry, cracked.
A merciful slice spills our warm living guts.
Fall over.
Lie on back in ground rot, steamy
ground rot shifting, ready to swallow.
Sun in grey slime sky is a white rose made of birds.
Gurgle thanks to our Comforter
Where is Litch?
All places.
Maggots sprout from our deterioration.
Drips leak from sky anuses
containing our bodies.