Princess of Pink – Mika Hrejsa

hyena princess fur of hot pink 

glittered up her side

eyes black-taped over pupils blooming electricity

muzzled trophy’d aberration 

stilled up on the mantel steam bubbles 

thru leather silencer around maw 

doesn’t deafen pain like the movies show

heartbeat sanded down a rat’s rhythm now

her tears made a boy treat 


bark bark barks evaporated

off her tongue inhale

her bubblegum silence 


spotlight on back at all hours

sunburnt stench clinging underside


diet of ghosts 

cannibalizing memory only bliss left

taste of simulated sakuras

neonblood fade in out in out 

in out in out on a non-space

veranda eaten at the corners by tv snow


one foot in tampa bay 

the other in lake michigan 

kentucky wolves eating thru her abdomen

strongest bite among mammals

ain’t worth shit

when barbed wire’s strict against her tendons

grip mouth around bondage

rip & rip & rip & rip 

sparks along her lead daggerteeth

shredding herself in all directions against 

the axis of the comfortable state


time burned thru her head &

like a switchblade corruption

slides in she’s puking forest fires

wants to see the gators frenzy

misses the acid burn 

watching cranes spurt red across

reflective surfaces during 

sunrise at the 10pm


ribcage like moss infestation 

on the oak floorboards spine

parallel to the crawl space mud


the hyena princess needs saving

and the house is quiet