A Club for Gentlemen – Ted Prokash





Tonight’s the night. Pickup night. The most erotic night of the week. For the joyless one, Ted Prokash, loyal to sweeping finger-picked melodies and bawdy, tender narrative, romance is still alive in the heartland. His third novel with Expat and sixth overall is a freewheeling song in a spiritually voluptuous tenor, a lyrical leap across numinous and historically founded environs, a feat of failure and renewal, indeed, a new creation, a new beginning. Eye contact from outer space, the art of the rant and ramble of the riverbed of bottomless bars in this lifer’s soul. This heart burns big and ribald enough to raise up virgin hearts as peace descends on the blackout sleaze atmosphere of Boingers! A Club for Gentlemen. A commando of imagination writing by the skin of his teeth, Prokash has words for a world famished of wordly and worldly joy, sustaining a high musical precedent for 80k words of bartarding, seafaring, westward expansion, enlightening awakening. Soaked in the vernacular of modernity and antiquity, in the pidgin dialects of townie blight, in the lewd envisionings of the model author leading by example in his wily, winsome and whimsical ways, A Club for Gentlemen keeps you rapt in a state of surprise, awe and recalibration as the exploits of this hero’s journey harmonize themselves right off the page into the heart of hearts of your inner innocence. A delectation for the high-minded.



5.5×8.5″. 368 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Tess Pollok. Book Design by Annabel Lawton Boardman. 


Ted III- Ted’s Revenge: Prokash Unchained


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