Characters – Derek Maine





In Characters, an unclassifiable novel, Derek Maine plugs away, is still plugging away from a remove at the pressure points between your ears, spews his vitals in a subtle vanishing act transcribes        a frame narrative in fluid relief, a testament to the breathlessly active, symbiotic dyad between consumer and creator, a crescendo for self-possessed autofiction and currentivism, Derek Maine proudly confounds and dazzles and only lifts a finger to hurt you. You are charged with accepting the onus of experience, the author’s terms, glory be art for art’s sake, with détournements wild and snapping tableaux just richly lived moments           an important new voice of the south this reeling thing it is a vortical        visceral feeling of being torn apart by hyperreality and the iterative qualities of literature resonate at this hyperlinguistic fade out a private, earnest grappling with the form by a man telling you everything this is Derek Maine’s world and you’re living in it and everything is not what it seems but everything is eerily familiar it takes you right to the edge of fainting this book does for internal monologues what Derek Maine did to internal monologues        lullabies and           folksy spirituals for the promised land awaiting us all with devotion to the written word which is only a recording between lives       a safe harbor       a long   sigh       before we go radio silent      again


5.5×8.5″. 136 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by August Knibutat. 


Interview with Derek Maine

Fiction Reader/Writer

Bruce in his Chair

The Dolphin Lane Motel, Off-Season (1993-1996) (Ligeia Magazine)

Six Turtles at a Crossing (Bear Creek Gazette)

The Crow Came One Morning and What’s Left to Wonder? (X-R-A-Y)



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